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From Broken to Whole

Originally published at on 4/19/16

Going from brokenness to wholeness is sudden and yet a lengthy process.  This idea sounds a little whacky; I'll admit.  Well, the truth is that we are multidimensional beings.  When our consciousness take a quantum leap forward we then still have the arduous task of reaching back to pull our emotions, hidden mindsets, and essentially our natural selves up to meet our new awareness.  Just because awareness shifts doesn't mean all of a sudden we arrive in a new town.  We have to fish out our ideologies to see what old ideas have been left behind hiding and still operating in the shadows of our subconscious minds.  This is ultimately why I say road to wholeness.  It is a journey and sometimes when we think we've traveled so far and perhaps we have, situations come up and shows us that we may have over looked some things.

The sudden aspect of going from broken to whole for me was a shift in awareness.  I went from thinking …

Why Go Within?

Originally published at on 4/11/16

For years I've been encouraging people to go within.  Go within.  Go within.  But Why??  Here's what I've found.  There are only ever two searches.  Either we search the earth or we search ourselves.  I know the result of searching the world.  I know the void it presents.  I believe that truth is what we come from and that truth has made a deposit within us.  I go within to remember the truth about myself; my purpose; my Creator; my light and destiny.  I am flesh on the outside and limited but I am life on the inside and infinite. 

When I speak of going within, I speak of doing so for the purpose of dealing with many layers of self.  I mainly speak on dealing with the layers regarding our emotions, memories, mindsets, and spiritual birthright.  Spiritual birthright is what we use to govern the process of healing.  Ultimately, one shift in the awareness of who we are can stop the bleeding; it is the shift from self-cons…

Within Self-Love: The Three Main Components

Originally published at at 4/5/16

Just as promised, today I'm going behind the scenes of Self-Love.  In the last blog I talked about how God's Love and our appreciation for His divine design should be the basis for a good and healthy self-love.  I believe that by looking at God's love and His divine touch as the basis for our self-love, that it brings order and authenticity to our self-view.  Therefore, I'm not loving myself because my hair looks good, I'm in my dream job, I've lost weight, or because I am pleased with my life.  That will not sustain self-love.  The premise of our self-love has to be built on an unchanging truth; so when the facts of our lives change, our self-love will be unchanging. 

However, today I would like to look at the three major components of self-love that we must deal with on the human level.

The first is Self-Acceptance.  Self-Acceptance is ultimately where we find satisfaction within ourselves and is vital for…