Saturday, January 27, 2018

Life of LAB: Oh to be.... Devoted.

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Thank you for taking the read today.  We’re in day five of our Life of LAB quick lab series.  Today’s lab is “Oh to be… Devoted.”

I begin with a question.  In a modern world, what does it mean to be devoted to the ways of God?  It’s easy to turn to rituals, but I’ll like to suggest or submit another way to live a devoted life.  First, let’s consider the opposition.  In the quick lab “Always Fed” we looked at some of the ways to overcome the temptations of the tempter.  Today, we’ll look at the tempter when he becomes animated, and we’ll look at a few scriptures to help us to remain devoted. 

Before we continue, I should clarify what I mean by animated.  In the example from Luke 4:1-4, where the Lord is being tempted, or tested by the tempter (the devil), we see the tempter in an in-animated form.  These are the times when we are tried one-on-one.  These one-on-one trials usually take place in the mind, soul, or heart.  On the other hand, when the tempter is animated, we recognize him operating in others.  This is why the scripture says, in Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." 

When the tempter shows up in animated form, how do we recognize him and how do we remain devoted?

Let’s look at Mark 7:15.  It reads, “Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them.  Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them.”  This is an interesting word spoken by Jesus.  He was referring to a question from the Pharisees and the teachers of the law in regards to the washing of hands.  But, if truth is truth, and wisdom is wisdom, we will find that it functions in more than one context.  Therefore let’s look at this word spoken by Jesus more closely. 

Can we agree that our portion of God is carried within us?  If you can, then let’s look at the tempter and his petitions to make use of us.  Using the scripture from above, let’s consider what happens when he approaches us.  If in fact we are “Fed” and full of Word we know that we can withstand, but what if we are not?  If we are not, then we run the risk of being use by him.  Many believers and well-intentioned people are used every day against the Word and even their own beliefs.  Yet, we are responsible for what we produce.  Therefore even when we absorb toxic thoughts and energies, it is our duty to filter it and decide what will come out of us.

The second part of this is being able to recognize him, and deal with him without falling into hatred.  This is why we continue to acknowledge that this is spiritual.  If we do not make the separation between the tempter and the person, we are filled with hate, grudge, and can also become filled with malice. If we allow this to happen, we can no longer be of use to God, because we become a part of the darkness. 

Let’s look at Mark 8:31-33.  Here we see that Jesus is trying to prepare His disciples for His death.  He tells them that He must be killed, and Peter begins to rebuke Him.  In verse 33, Jesus says, “Get behind me Satan!  You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”  Here Jesus is quickly able to discern that Peter was being used simply out of ignorance not malice, but still however, being used by the devil.  If a person does not know God’s purpose for their life, there is no way they can make such a discernment.  Therefore purpose remains at the forefront of any attempt we can make to remain devoted.  It then becomes the foundation for all the decisions we will need to make.  I personally like this scripture because it shows that even the people who attempt to protect us, without knowledge of God’s plans, cannot really do so.  In fact, they can become a hindrance to us and our desire to be devoted to God’s plan.  

So, as we begin to find our rhythm as devoted believers in Christ, it’s important to equip ourselves with this awareness.  My hope is that we will keep the Word of God, which is the sword of the Lord, in our hand, and the purpose of God on our hearts.  I know that if we can do these two things, we will not only be able to overcome the opposition in mind, heart, and soul, but in a modern reality as well. 

Thank you for taking the walk with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Coming up next in this series, "Show Up".

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you...

In Service,

NaTisha R. Williams

Monday, January 15, 2018

Life of LAB: Throw Up

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Thank you for taking the read today.  We’re continuing in the Life of LAB series.  This is the fourth of seven quick labs.  Today’s lab is “Throw Up”.  Let’s go right away to scripture.

Jonah 2:5-6 reads, “The engulfing waters threatened me, the deep surrounded me; seaweed was wrapped around my head.  To the roots of the mountains I sank down; the earth beneath barred me in forever.  But you, Lord my God, brought my life up from the pit.”

Well we’ve all probably thrown up before, but have you ever been thrown up?  Have you ever been completely spat out?  Between every level of faith there are guts.  We are ejected from one level of faith into the other not by happenstance, but by guts.  Sometime even with all our guts in place, we still need an extra push.  Have you ever found yourself stuck between dimensions of faith?  If you have, then you know that life itself will help to push you through.  It’s the throw up.  It’s the moment your current life and environment says, move.  Sometimes it’s even the moment God says move, and he will direct our lives to throw up.

Stuck between dimensions of faith is no fun.  It’s no place to hang out, but the fight to have some of what we know go with us, keeps us in between.  Although we know these different levels of faith cannot live together; we still try and so we hang out in the belly between dimensions.  Surrounded by guts we long to be somewhere else, and still we hide out in between. 

Today’s lab is a very quick lab.  It’s a gut check.  It’s time to look around.  What is your surroundings saying to you?  Is it contracting?  Is it trying to throw you up?  And if it is, what do you do next?
If you’ve been in the belly between dimensions of faith before, then you know you cannot live there for extended periods of time.  The conditions are simply not suitable.  Yet, God keeps us in the belly long enough to show us why we must leave it all behind.  And so the gap becomes like Jonah described.  It becomes a pit.  It becomes a pit only God can pull us up from, and when He does, we are born into a new dimension of faith.  We see God in new ways.  We hear His voice in new ways.  We see His deliverance in new ways, and we accept His guidance in new ways.  So if you’re done assessing your surroundings, and you know that you’re in the belly between dimensions of faith.  Join me.  I am too, and I’m about to be thrown up.  No, I don’t know your level, and I can’t assist in the process.  It’s all spiritual you see.  But I can share with you my deliverance, and you can share your deliverance.  And when we do, people will know that there is life after the pit. 

So my encouragement to you today, is allow!  Close your eyes, and let God be your guide.   I promise, just as Jonah does… “The Lord our God will bring us up from the pit.”

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams

Life of LAB: Always Fed

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Thank you for taking the read today.  Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s day three of Life of LAB.  Today’s blog is “Always Fed”!  This is a great follow up to yesterday’s blog where the subject was trash pick-up.  Today we’ll look at a few different scriptures.

We begin with Matthew 4:3.  In this text the tempter is speaking to Jesus.  He says to Him, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”  Jesus then responds, “It is written: ‘that man shall not live on bread alone, but every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

This conversation is during the time Jesus spent in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil (the tempter).  I find this to be an interesting dynamic that we can use to build up our defenses against the tempter.  First, we see that Jesus did respond to the devil.  That is an interesting observation.  Then we see that He responds with “Word”.  The next thing I noticed is that the devil never challenges the “Word”.  This is also important to remember, and helps us to realize that He is in fact only “a tempter” and nothing else.  Since that is the case, the question then becomes, “How much ‘Word’ do we have in us?”  The other question is, “What is the ratio of ‘Word’ to Lie that exists within us?”  This is important because scripture also says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

This is essentially the work of The Road2Wholeness Blog.   It is to challenge the lies we’ve absorbed and accepted; to get as much truth on the inside to change our inner condition.  Depending on the ratio that exist at the onset of the journey, and how urgent we see the need to absorb truth and light; we can track our journey and progress. 

Many times we want to challenge the atmosphere around us, but the division within makes us ineffective.  Not just that, but sometimes we’ve dropped below what is required to even keep us healthy.  The bible tells many stories, but it is also trying to project images.  When we eat the Word, then we can recognize what we are looking at when we see it.  You will know the tempter because a lot of the thoughts he tries to impress upon the consciousness, begins with “If You”, “Since You”, “Are You Certain”.  Every time we offer an answer, we must then replenish.  Think of it like the battery on your cellphone.  Even better, consider that you aren’t the only one that can see the stats.  This means when you’re not full, you become a target.  This is even more important for those of us who are pursuing God’s purpose. 

Now when we understand the significance of God’s purposes, we will know not to take it personal.   Although it is a very personal matter, we can offset the weight by understanding that we naturally inherit the tempter.  Our hope then is in our ability to recognize the voice of the tempter, understand the reason, and offer a suitable response. 

Ephesians 6:10-17 reads, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and His mighty power.  Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.   This is a powerful scripture.  The bible then lists “The belt of Truth”, “Breastplate of Righteousness”, “Gospel of Peace”, “Shield of Faith”, “Helmet of Salvation” , and the "Sword of The Lord" (the Word) as being the Armor of God. 

These are essentially the six checks we must do each day.  With these in place, we can do as Jesus did.  We can respond confidently to the tempter.  And he will flee.  Yet, not for long.  So, stay fed.  Consider what you’ve been assigned to do, remember the promise you are carrying, and be prepared to show The Armor of God in good repair.  

Thank you for taking the stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Hope you'll continue with the series.  

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Life of LAB: Trash Pick-Up

Originally published at on 11/22/17

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog and "Life of LAB", a quick lab series.  Today’s blog is “Trash Pick-Up”.  For this lab we go to the scripture Luke 5:37, “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins...”

I will also be referencing a chapter from my last Suspended-Release Novel, A Better Pair of Shoes.  

To read the book, you can go to:

In chapter 22, “Aisha’s Old Wineskins” the character finds herself in a tough spot in her marriage, and is confronted with a decision of whether to pour the new wines of her marriage into the old wineskins of her understanding.  When what was shining began to look dull, it was easy for trash to begin to disguise itself.  It was also easy to fall back onto an old model of herself.  So, how do we know when we have new wine, and how do we discern the dull from the trash in our lives? 

If you read the book, then you know the background of the character.  This is a woman who has forged her way forward and is operating in a new dimension.  However, she has no real knowledge of what is attempting to manifest in her life.  She’s successful and she knows it.  Yet, even her new life as she sees it, is not where she is set to remain.  Without this knowledge, she doesn’t have the right foundation to make the decision she is trying to make.  This is the case for many of us at many times in our life.  We see life in terms of before versus now, rather than now versus promise.  When we are calculating our decisions in contrast to the past rather than what is ahead, it’s easy to pick up trash. 

Therefore, the first step is probably to understand the promise.  In the case of marriage, what must also be understood from a spiritual stand point is that there is an attack on the promises of God, and God always promise with people, family, and generations in mind.  This then puts marriage under great attack.  That being said, a distinction should be made between a dull marriage and the trash of a quick solution.  Now, there are many things that come into play when we look at marriage—this being a quick lab, we won’t go too deep, so let’s continue in and with the context we are discussing.

I would like to say however, that God holds marriage in a high regard.  This means that even if you hadn’t considered all the variable of marriage, and you and your spouse finds yourself in a tough spot, you two can go to God in union and obtain favor.  This is true because God is always going to honor a covenant, law, and principle.  Furthermore, God wants to fulfill purpose in the earth, and prove the ways of righteousness right.

So, in the case of Aisha, whether she had been blessed with her husband from the start, or whether God decided to turn her water into wine, we don’t know, but what we can see is how God can use failures when they are under the protection of covenant.  Therefore, part of not turning to trash, is knowing that God can restore and replenish.  In the moments that we trust God to do more with what we have than we ourselves can do—we will find that God will produce new wine in our lives, and he will also give us the new wineskins to put it in. 

So, I encourage you in all areas of life, to pull God in on your decisions.  Let the promise be your guide, and always expect new wine or new things.  If you do these things, it will become more and more difficult for trash to present itself as fortune in your life.  Remember, your difficulties are not just a threat to the promise, but it is an opportunity for disguise.  Let the eyes of God take you behind the mask of trash.  Stay the course, and prepare for wine.

Thank you for walking with The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Coming up next in this quick lab series is "Always Fed".  Hope you'll join us again soon.

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams

Life of LAB: Fire Hazard

Originally published at on 11/21/17

Welcome to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Thank you for taking the read today.  "Fire Hazard" begins our “Life of LAB” quick-lab series.  Let’s begin with a scripture or two for context. 

Let's begin with Matthew.  Matthew 5:13 reads, “You are the salt of the earth.  But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?  It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

That being said,  “What is your role as salt?” Before you answer, take a look at another scripture. 

Mark 9:49 reads, “Everyone will be salted with fire.”

Now with both scriptures in mind, how do you feel about salt and still, what is you role as salt?

When I first heard about salt it was through the reference of the Matthew 5:13 scripture.  I however overlooked the Mark 9:49 scripture.  Therefore, I got all the glory about salt, but didn’t have the full story.  As a believer in Christ, I find that I really hang onto the words that were spoken by Jesus, but there are some that are meant to go over our heads until they are instructed to give meaning to themselves in our lives. 

Well since Matthew does come before Mark in the gospels, let’s begin with the first question I posed.  We probably all know that salt is salty.  If we eat lots of salt, we usually get thirsty.  Therefore we being the salt of the earth are meant to create thirst.  We are meant to create a thirst for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.  That’s what Jesus did.  The vehicles He used were peace and love, but He was a teacher and He never lost sight of that.  He broke down resistant with peace and love, but He came to be the truth, law, and Word made flesh.    We then as Believers in Christ aspire to be like Christ.  This then is more than role playing.  There is no playing to be salt.  As the scripture says, “…if salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?” 

Now let’s look at how we become salt.  As Mark 9:49 stated, “Everyone will be salted with fire.”
Here we see that we aren’t quite born salted.  We can also see that salt doesn’t come with acceptance of Christ, nor does it come with baptism with water.  Salt comes by fire.  We can get a clearer picture of this from Luke.  In Luke 1:80, John the Baptist who was born ahead of Jesus to prepare the people for Jesus’ arrival and ministry, is described as strong in the spirit.  He lived in the wilderness until he appeared pubIicly to Israel.  In Luke 2:34-35, it was prophesied that Jesus would reveal the thoughts of many hearts and His words would pierce the soul.  In Luke 3:21, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.   Later in Luke 4:1, Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.
I say all this to show two points.  First, we see that the wilderness is a tool of preparation for ministry that even Jesus could not bypass.  In the case of John the Baptist it was also a place of keeping.  The bible says he lived in the wilderness until he appeared to Israel—until God was ready to use him to prepare the way.  I believe John the Baptist was so strong in spirit, as the bible puts it, that he could not live among the people.  His ministry created a fire among the people.  He told about the coming of Christ and baptized many by water. 

Now, here’s the switch in consciousness I think we should look at.  If we know and accept our role as salt, who then offers water?  Jesus.  In John 4:14, Jesus says, “Whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst.”   Therefore, we are to prepare a way just as John did for Jesus.  We do this by being salt.  We do this by making hearts tender towards God.  We then are salted by the fire of the wilderness to create a fire in the hearts of the people.  We call forth fire when we give the spirit of God a reason to move and create miracles.  So we’re not here to be water, but rather a fire hazard.  It’s important to get this part.  We must remember that we essentially do not have what the people need. 

When we allow people to believe that we can transfer salt or fire, we create a barrier to God.  Yes, we shall heal and have the power to do more than Jesus himself did, yet Jesus is seeking to know his people and have his people know him.  If all they get is the topical stuff then in the end we haven’t served the Lord.  God creates miracles to increase faith, not human power.  As it is said in the Word, God is a jealous God.  This is not just about other gods; this is about anyone or any power who contends with God as a reward.  I think sometimes there is a lack of healing power not just due to a lack of faith, but also because God who knows the heart, knows that the glory of God will be misdirected. 

I also believe that this is why Jesus came in disguise.  He up until a certain time was also only called to be salt.  Although He being God had all power, He acted mostly as a man.  In Luke 2:39, Jesus is described simply as being filled with wisdom, and having the grace of God on Him.

So I call our attention right back to salt, and the power of being salt; not for our benefit but to benefit God.  Therefore, as Believers we should always accept the fire of the wilderness, because fire purifies.  Salt is what’s left behind, and salt then becomes our seasoning.  

I thank you for taking the stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Join us for the next 6 quick labs.

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams

Sunday, November 26, 2017


originally published at on 11/8/17

Welcome back to The Road2Wholness Blog!  Thank you for stopping by and for taking the read today. Thank you also for your great anticipation of Lab 3.  In this blog, we’ll look at the power and the blessing of being blinded by God.  As we continue on our journey to becoming, there will be many times when we will need to be blinded.  Sometimes we will be blinded from harm, sometimes we will be blinded from God, and there will even be times that our understanding will be blinded. 

Part of the benefit of being blinded is that we get to keep our peace.  Outside of worry and over thinking, God’s glory can really be seen.  In the spiritual realm, eyes enable us to discern the depths of good and evil.  It’s like the story of Adam and Eve in the garden.  They had been blinded until they decided to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Immediately, they felt naked.  However, when God is ready to position us to receive or make monumental accomplishments, He will often blind us in order to make us fearless.  Unopposed by fear, we move boldly into place.    So, don’t be afraid to be clothed in blindness as you journey. 

In Exodus 33:21-23, when Moses asked for the Lord to show His glory and to accompany him, God explained that He would have to put Moses in a cleft of a rock, and cover him until He had passed by.  Moses accepted that he would have to be blinded to have God’s glory before him.  Therefore, when it’s hard to see, consider that God is with you.  Even more important, consider that God is passing by; not to leave you, but to go before you. 

Let’s look at those scriptures a bit closer.  God informed Moses that near Him there was a rock, and that he could stand on the rock.  Then He said He would put Moses in the cleft of the rock, and cover him with His hand.  So, we see Jesus was always a part of God’s glory, and that He remains the place where we can go blind.  We go blindly in our faith in Jesus, understanding that near Him, God resides. 

In Numbers 23-35, there is a story of God using the sight of a donkey to spare one of His prophets.  Three times the donkey stopped abruptly, and was beaten for it.  Later, god opened the man’s eyes, and he realized that the donkey had saved his life, for it was God opposing him.   Imagine that.  The subordinate who was to take instructions, and who wasn’t supposed to be able to speak; a donkey—was then allowed in verses 28-30 to question his master.  Interestingly enough, the donkey asks him, “Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?” when accused by his master of making a fool of him.  The prophet answered, “No.”  So, we see here that God will also blind us from harm, while using the foolish things to confound the wise. 

Lastly, let’s go to Luke 24:30-31.  Here we read about Jesus after He had been resurrected.  It talks about Jesus communing with two men and feeding them.  When they’d first encountered Jesus they were attracted to His presence and knowledge.  They walked with Him, and then invited Him to stay with them.  Jesus was prepared to continue walking with them; informing them, but they invited Him to stay with them.  Then Jesus breaks bread with them.  The scripture says, “He took the bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them.  Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him, and He disappeared from their sight.”  This is powerful.  This was the moment Jesus began to distribute Himself by spirit.  Here we see two different levels of understanding.  A distinction is made here between God walking with us, and God feeding us.  There is a level of understanding that God sets aside to those whom he allows to be his witnesses.   Therefore we are blinded in our understanding in relation to the role we are assigned to play.  This is why we can only ever present information.  When we move into trying to open eyes, we move into God’s territory, and many times we can find ourselves fighting the will of God.  In Luke 24:45, we see that when Jesus was departing for good, he then opened the minds of his witnesses to the scriptures.  This was the final show of their veil being torn.  One might think, after all the time that the disciples had been walking with Jesus and living alongside Him, that they already understood, but this scripture shows different.  Therefore, it was the moment after He obtained His glory and fed them.  Interestingly, up until that point the disciples felt lost, and did not quite know what their next steps were to be.  Up until then, they had been blinded. 

If we look at all the examples here collectively, we will realize that the closer God is, the more we become blinded.  It is a testament to the word that He will never leave us.  It also speaks to the matter of moving out in faith, understanding that God is with us as we go.  So, the next time you feel blinded, remember the burden of knowing.  Consider the chill of nakedness.  Now, stop and think of the benefits of being blinded, and consider how near to you God is. 

Thank you for taking the stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog. 

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you… Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams

Friday, November 24, 2017


Originally published at on 9/26/17

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Thank you for taking the stroll with us today.  This is the second blog in “LAB” a series.  Today we’re looking at how God fastens our minds as we journey along.

In the last blog we ended at the point of returning to God.  But, what does that look like?  For many people, a return to God is simply a return to a handful of rules, but God is really trying to equip us for Destiny and longevity.  In this blog, I’ll like to look most closely at Jacob’s life; whose twelve sons became The 12 Tribes of Israel.  But first, let’s look at his twin brother Esau. 

In Genesis 25:21-23 we learn that Rebekah, the mother of Jacob and Esau, when she was pregnant, inquired of the Lord and was told that inside her womb were two nations, and two peoples would be separated from within.  God also said one would be stronger, and that the older would serve the younger.

Then in Genesis 25:29-33 Esau sells his natural birthright as the eldest son to his younger brother for some bread and soup.  The Bible says, “Esau despised his birthright.”  I first I felt bad.  I thought to question God.  I thought… that’s not fair.  You see, Esau had just returned from out in the open country and was famished (is the word the Bible used).  He asked his younger brother for some of the lentil stew, and Jacob seized the opportunity to take his brother’s birthright.  Jacob asked Esau to swear to him that he would give him the birthright.  Esau answered, “Look, I am about to die… What good is the birthright to me?”  Later in Hebrew 12:16, the Apostle Paul calls Esau godless.  I thought… my goodness, but he was hungry.  Then it came to me why godless.  It wasn’t only because he didn’t see the value of his birthright, but because, even faced with death, he couldn’t perceive the value.  Therefore his remnant of God was proven to be absent.  But, here’s what else I got.  It shows that Esau had what I call “The Belly Mindset”.  It’s a right now mindset.  It is sense and pleasure based.  This is easily understood later on in scripture, when Esau cries after he also loses the birthright prophecy his father gives before dying.

Now let’s look at Jacob, the deceiver.  Many say he stole the birthright, yet when we recall God’s answer to Rebekah, we know that the older was meant to serve the younger.  Now, what all did God mean by this, we don’t know.  However, it is clear throughout the Word that God’s will always prevails.  In this story, it was tough for me to see Jacob’s good until I could see God’s the steadiness of God’s Hand.  In life this is always the case.  When we are faced with difficult situations, and we aren’t able to see God’s hand, we often refer to the belly mind.  We refer to what we can see, hear, feel… etc.  Without communication with God this sense mind leaves us trying to take back what we assume is ours, bitter in life, or even away from God.  Now, let’s look at Jacob’s story.

Later on in scripture, Jacob was given strict instructions on what kind not to marry.  So we know that God had a specific plan in mind.  But, what about His steady hand?  It becomes clear when Jacob is then deceived by his own relative.  He works seven years for the hand of one daughter, and at the end he is given another.  He then agrees to work another seven years for the hand of the daughter he always wanted.  I bet after that first seven years there was much disappointment, tears, questions, and perhaps anger, but Jacob quickly regrouped and began his work to obtain what he wanted.  This shows he had a healthy heart mind.

Many years later, after Jacob had already eleven children, he decides he wants to return to his homeland, but his relative pleads for him not to leave, because his home and affairs had been greatly blessed through his fellowship with Jacob.  Now, God is ready to stretch out his hand, and perform miracles through His infinite wisdom.  Now God makes certain that Jacob and all that belongs to him, is his honestly, and when He blesses him, there would be no question if God was with him. 
Read the story in Genesis 30:29-43.

So Jacob brilliantly finds a way to separate for himself a set of flock from what belonged to his relative.  Eventually, Jacob is despised for all the wealth he obtains.  The sons of his relative, begins to say, “Jacob has taken everything our father owned, and has gained all this wealth from what belonged to our father.”  Then God instructs him to leave.

What we see here was a willingness to trust God.  And perhaps some of Jacob’s confidence had to do with the birthright blessing he had been given, but don’t forget, we too have a birthright blessing.  And this birthright blessing is being greatly subdued in our society, because of the confidence it brings.  When you repair your relationship with God, and you are confident that God is for you, nothing can stop you. 

But, what I want to share with you more so today, is the Fastening of the Mind process.  Just because Jacob had the blessing, it didn’t overrule the process of refinement or purification of heart.  We see that through time, set-back, and miracles that God will fasten our minds to His heart and will. 

In 2 Samuel 6:6-7, a servant of the Lord and one of King David’s men, was struck down after he tried to steady the “Ark of the Covenant of God” which held the presence of God, because the oxen had stumbled.  David himself couldn’t understand it.  He felt it was harsh.  He became angry with the Lord, but what God was conveying was, “I will do the steadying”.  Therefore, in times of set-back, seek God, or simply stay in agreement with God, because God will do the steadying. 

The purifying of the heart and belly mind comes with understanding.  With understanding comes peace.  With peace comes fortitude, and with fortitude comes longevity.  Of the Ten Commandments; “Thou shall have no other Gods before me” and “Thou shall not make any idols for yourself” are those that pertain to the heart mind.  As we move deeper into God’s will we will have to lay down not only our own authority, but sometimes, we will also have to set aside the good advice of others.  Likewise, when there is setback, don’t make an idol out of your circumstance or even those who appear to be the cause.  As we saw with Esau, he was already set to serve his younger brother.  Follow God’s instructions and He will lead you into your Destiny.

In the case of the belly mind, most of the other commandments are meant to discipline our gut desires.  Until we can get control over the heart mind, there’s almost no controlling the belly mind.  Belly desires that are out of control or in control, will lead to all kinds of crimes against self, God, and Humanity.

As for the miracles, they’re all around us.  God will perform many miracles to protect and advance us, but mostly to show His own power.  When we forget that it is Him not us why we prosper, we begin to misuse our favor.  As we move through the Will of God which is never ending, but particularly in difficult times within the Will of God, we use the miracles to strengthen us, and to remember how good God is.  All of this is the Fastening of the Mind, and a mind fastened on God is indestructible.

Therefore, as you return to God with great hope of becoming whatever God has blessed you to become, remember Esau and Jacob; two peoples of the same womb.  Decide which pattern you will choose, because that is the ultimate question the scripture intended to ask.

Thanks for taking the stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams