The Purpose of Two

Originally published at on 12/13/2017

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Thanks for taking the stroll with us today.  Today begins a new "P" series.  This time it's “The Purpose of”.   Today's blog is The Purpose of Two! 

Most of us probably can think of at least two or three purposes or significances of the number two.  Honestly, I’ve never really been big on numbers and their meanings.  I’ve recently become curious with certain numbers however, as I’m now creating The Decks and the Road Novel Series.  Without much thought, I named this blog using the number two rather than the word “to”.  Later it was revealed to me that it was the perfect symbol of the road to wholeness being one between each person and God.  Today we will look at two from that stand point, but also and mainly we will look at the reason being for the purpose of affirmation and confirmation.

Before we go further, let’s liken these two terms to two others.  I would like to look at the word affirmation as prophecy and confirmation as testimony.   These two essentially work hand in hand.  They are each other’s witness.  Yet they do not necessarily abide together or have to be in awareness of each other.  In life, God is continuously affirming our way and the purpose that He has created us for.  Sometimes we accept what He tells us and other times we simply do not.  God however is not moved or changed by our direction, acceptance, or refusal.  He simply continues to affirm what He knows.  He is our witness of what is ahead.  When we live out or achieve what he has spoken, then we become His witness.  Therefore, the purpose of two is to be a witness. 

In our lives, we’ve all been assigned a witness.  Likewise, we are also made to be a witness for others.  This may show up as in Luke 10:1 where Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs to the towns where He would later visit, but in a more complex scheme of things, the paths of you and your witness may never collide.  This we can see through scripture again and again.  Jesus came to fulfill many prophecies about Him.  He came to confirm what was said.  He came to testify on the behalf of the prophets who God used to direct and warn His people over time.  

In the case of Noah who saved his family and the living creatures God chose to preserve, Jesus also became His witness.  He did this by presenting once again an offer to be saved; and again in the case where the danger cannot necessarily be seen.  Therefore one becomes a shadow to the next.  Just like your shadow is a witness of you. 

In the case of Moses who led the Israelites up out of Egypt, Jesus also became his witness.  When God gave Jesus as a lamb, He again asked for His people to be set free.  He said, I will offer you a new covenant. 

In the case of King Solomon, who God allowed to build a Temple for His name, Jesus also became His witness.  Solomon, who had asked that anyone who would pray towards the temple he built would be heard by God, affirmed what was to come.  Jesus then through His sacrifice enabled the Spirit of God to reside with us as an indwelling God. 

So we can see that Jesus, one person, is given the authority by God to give witness to the entire Word of God.  Likewise, Jesus also becomes our witness; for every course man takes has been established by the word of God.  By His spirit He affirms the way, and by God’s purpose there will always be fulfillment.  We know that fulfillment however, is set by God for an appointed time and person.  This is why David the father of King Solomon only dreamt of building the Temple, but it was his son who was allowed by God to do it.  Therefore, the purpose of two also means that we don’t get to be the way, but show the way.  For we know Jesus said, “I am the way.”  So, as we move forward in our pursuit of purpose, let us consider that some of us are sent to affirm and some of us are sent to confirm.  Some of us will tell, and some of us will testify, but however it goes, we should know that we do have a witness in heaven.

In Matthew 18:20 Jesus says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”

This was spoken by Jesus before His departure, and I believe having the full knowledge of the Holy Spirit, that we are always counted as two.  For Jesus said that “The Advocate” would come in His name.  Therefore, I and “The Advocate” both being gathered in Jesus’ name, and agreeing on anything, will have it done.  This is the faith and understanding that we use when we pray.  We acknowledge the Holy Spirit as one, and we believe Jesus’ testimony that what we ask for will be done for us by our Father in heaven. 

That being said, I like to think of myself and God as a majority.  So the purpose of two is always multiplication.  It’s always to multiply the Kingdom of God.  It’s always to preserve.  It’s always to continue.  Yes, the purpose of two is to continue… to continue on being a witness.

Today, I hope that you will also continue on in your pursuit of wholeness and in God’s purpose for your life.  Think of yourself as a majority, and remember that you do have a witness at all times when you pray towards the name of the Lord.  Stand firm and know that you will be delivered by faith through Christ.

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha R. Williams