Life of LAB: Always Fed

Originally published at on 11/23/2017

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Thank you for taking the read today.  Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s day three of Life of LAB.  Today’s blog is “Always Fed”!  This is a great follow up to yesterday’s blog where the subject was trash pick-up.  Today we’ll look at a few different scriptures.

We begin with Matthew 4:3.  In this text the tempter is speaking to Jesus.  He says to Him, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”  Jesus then responds, “It is written: ‘that man shall not live on bread alone, but every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

This conversation is during the time Jesus spent in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil (the tempter).  I find this to be an interesting dynamic that we can use to build up our defenses against the tempter.  First, we see that Jesus did respond to the devil.  That is an interesting observation.  Then we see that He responds with “Word”.  The next thing I noticed is that the devil never challenges the “Word”.  This is also important to remember, and helps us to realize that He is in fact only “a tempter” and nothing else.  Since that is the case, the question then becomes, “How much ‘Word’ do we have in us?”  The other question is, “What is the ratio of ‘Word’ to Lie that exists within us?”  This is important because scripture also says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

This is essentially the work of The Road2Wholeness Blog.   It is to challenge the lies we’ve absorbed and accepted; to get as much truth on the inside to change our inner condition.  Depending on the ratio that exist at the onset of the journey, and how urgent we see the need to absorb truth and light; we can track our journey and progress. 

Many times we want to challenge the atmosphere around us, but the division within makes us ineffective.  Not just that, but sometimes we’ve dropped below what is required to even keep us healthy.  The bible tells many stories, but it is also trying to project images.  When we eat the Word, then we can recognize what we are looking at when we see it.  You will know the tempter because a lot of the thoughts he tries to impress upon the consciousness, begins with “If You”, “Since You”, “Are You Certain”.  Every time we offer an answer, we must then replenish.  Think of it like the battery on your cellphone.  Even better, consider that you aren’t the only one that can see the stats.  This means when you’re not full, you become a target.  This is even more important for those of us who are pursuing God’s purpose. 

Now when we understand the significance of God’s purposes, we will know not to take it personal.   Although it is a very personal matter, we can offset the weight by understanding that we naturally inherit the tempter.  Our hope then is in our ability to recognize the voice of the tempter, understand the reason, and offer a suitable response. 

Ephesians 6:10-17 reads, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and His mighty power.  Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.   This is a powerful scripture.  The bible then lists “The belt of Truth”, “Breastplate of Righteousness”, “Gospel of Peace”, “Shield of Faith”, “Helmet of Salvation” , and the "Sword of The Lord" (the Word) as being the Armor of God. 

These are essentially the six checks we must do each day.  With these in place, we can do as Jesus did.  We can respond confidently to the tempter.  And he will flee.  Yet, not for long.  So, stay fed.  Consider what you’ve been assigned to do, remember the promise you are carrying, and be prepared to show The Armor of God in good repair.  

Thank you for taking the stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Hope you'll continue with the series.  

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams