The Power of Three

Originally published at on 12/18/16

The Power of Three

Welcome back!  Thanks for taking the read today and for taking another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog!  If you’ve been sitting all day… stand!  Stretch out!  Hands to toes... Hold it.  Hold it.  Nice!!!  Yeah, sometimes we just gotta stretch out!  Now let’s take that stroll!

So, in response to the approaching New Year, I wanted to share something from the personal development side of The Road2Wholeness Blog spectrum. 

The subject today is “The Power of Three”

First, let me say, these are my three; not everyone’s three.  That being said, there are a few places where I pull power, wisdom, and vitality.  That’s through my convictions, through correction, and through communication.  For me, where there is conviction there is power, where there’s been correction; there I find wisdom, and whenever I get to communicate; I find energy and vitality.  This has always been the case.  Recently, I’ve discovered some new convictions; one so big that it has impacted all of my communications.  But I’ll put that aside for now.  

I begin with conviction.  Mostly we think of conviction solely as what we believe, but I’ve recently come to see that part of my conviction is also the way I’ve been designed to see a thing; respond to a thing; and interact with a thing.  For example: A person discovers a talent and says… “Oh, wow!  This makes for a great hobby.” another may say, “this makes for a great business.” still, another may say… “Boy, I would love to teach others how to do this.”  Now, that slight difference in what to do with the talent that is discovered is the unveiling of their natural conviction.  One was convicted to serve and reproduce, one to teach and serve, and the other to recreate joy; to enjoy?  Not discounting the service of being able to enjoy; because people who have that ability serves to inspire others to enjoy.  Yes, that is a gift.  It’s important to recognize gifts because when we discount gifts we end up feeling bad when we don’t have the innate ability to do something, and we spend so much time looking at another person’s power and we miss or lose our own.    But still there’s something I’m after.  Let’s go further.

Most times when we are asked, “what’s your passion”, we go to the thing… writing books; building cars; flying planes.  But the conviction is underneath.  We’ve got to drop down below the things we do; the interests we find in order to see our convictions.  Therefore, as it relates to writing a book, the conviction is probably to tell stories, teach on a subject, or even create imaginary worlds of adventure.  In regards to building a car, the conviction could be to create and innovate.  Cars are the place of interest but creating and innovating is the conviction.  In regards to flying a plane, adventure is possibly the conviction; maybe it’s testing limits.  The point is, our convictions are pre-determined and pre-set in our being.  It determines how we approach the interests and passions we find.  Our convictions are where the power really lies and power is what we’re really after.  Why power?  Because naturally if you’ve been powered to do it; you’ve been purposed to do it.  Think about a car engine.  We know what the car is purposed to do because of what it’s powered to do.  But let’s look at the definition of power because perhaps it’s taken on a negative connotation over the years.

1.) The ability to do something; especially as a faculty
2.) The ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. 

Powerful isn’t it!  Who knew purpose was all locked up in the definition of power?  The truth is we are all here to take our special abilities, and use them to influence people and events; therefore, unlocking our power.  For me, my convictions are to write, speak, seek, and teach.  I’ve been powered to do those things, and I feel empowered when I do those things.  Honestly, I can apply those four convictions to almost anything I’m interested in.  In fact, I’m sure that I do.  And that’s been demonstrated in my last few blogs as I began sharing my findings as a new Christian.  But just so we wouldn’t be severely discoursed, God also created in us passion, and our interests naturally reveal our passions.  However, destiny related passions are in the areas of sustained curiosity and interest.  Sustained curiosity?  Yes, because some interests are here today and gone tomorrow, and we can’t build a life on a fleeting interest.   Yet, what sustains curiosity?  God Himself!  He simply will not let the thing let us go.  You know… that thing; that interest; that subject, that doesn’t let go… “That” is the vehicle for our convictions.   And vehicle is such a fitting word because passion is related to positioning.  It positions our lives and directs our convictions.  For me, my passions are a handful of subjects.  With those subjects, I harness and direct my power.  For some, passion is not a subject, it’s an actual activity; such as the case in the example of the person who chooses to fly planes.  It’s important to note that passions are specific, where convictions are usually a lot broader and can be applied to many areas, industries, and interests.   Therefore, your convictions are your universal strengths and knowing them is the highway to your personal power.

Next I take a look at correction.  Remember, I’m revealing the three areas of my life where I pull power, wisdom, and vitality as a hope that you would do the same for yourself as you prepare to enter 2017.

Correction for me is crucial.  Nearly my whole life thus far has been a task of correcting.  I don’t say this is an overwhelmed, upset, or frustrated way but rather as a matter of fact.  But I learned early on to value correction because with it comes wisdom.  In my early twenties, I was told by my spiritual teacher and reverend that I was not supposed to simply go through a thing, but I was supposed to grow through it, and that was practically the onset of my purpose awakening.   Why do I say that?  Well, because I’ve discovered that every time I face a correction, I encounter an opportunity to extract wisdom, and every time I extract wisdom… it serves my convictions to write, teach, and speak.  This understanding enables me to go at my adversities with great expectancy.  I see no situation as a waste and although I may feel some level of frustration at certain moments; I don’t see the event as trying to break me, but rather more capacity to produce.  Therefore, every correction is power being unlocked and purpose being fulfilled.  (Still I’ll be sharing more of my insights and some of the difficulties of correction as it relates to authority and outside manipulation, coming soon on The ReWIRE Show.)

Now when it comes to vitality, I lean heavily on communication.  Communication really energizes me.  But what energizes you?  This is an important question; the question of… “What fuels you?”  And for me, it’s without a doubt, communication.  In fact, I can even tend to be overactive in this area because all of my convictions are communicative and so is my fuel.  Therefore, I have been powered to communicate and I also obtain fuel through communication.  To call on the example of the car again; just remember the engine power and the fuel are not the same.  One deals with the ability and the other deals with the energy.  Now, I must admit; writing is probably my favorite means of communication.  And probably because of the fact that it’s uninterrupted communication; so I can really release the tension of my thinking.  Interestingly, just as there are different types and grades of car engine fuel, same here.   We should really try to find the most compatible fuel for our life engines. 

But isn’t that fun; discovering soul-mates within the composite of the soul.  I just love making these types of discoveries, because it goes to show how beautifully crafted we are.  It really reveals the mastermind behind creation and reminds us that we are not made to be compared or altered.  For some, thinking is overwhelming, boring, and impedes the beauty of life.  Yet for me, it has to be a regular part of my day and life.  This is why we must discover who we are, how we are uniquely wired to operate in the world, and what fuels and empowers us.  Failure to do this can leave us ineffectively trying to apply ideas, criticisms, and perfectly good advice that don’t fit our natural framework.

My hope for us all as we continue to evolve in becoming more and more of who we already are is that we will have the confidence and the conviction to embrace our Divine design.  I certainly am!  So, 2017 look out!  Self-aware beings coming through!  Independent thinkers coming through!  Power and purpose coming through!  Peace and wholeness coming through!  Faith and courage coming through!  Love and harmony coming through!  And you can add anything else you would like to this perfectly fitting morning affirmative chant!  Let’s walk into our New Year Opportunity with unlimited power, wisdom, and vitality!  I urge you to discover your “Power of Three”.

Have a Happy and God Blessed New Year!

Remember to go within, that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you!  Until our paths collide again, I wish you… Peace, Love, Life, Abundance, and Harmony!

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams