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Peace vs. Love

Originally published at on 2/12/17

­­­­­­Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read and for taking another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Well, the journey of learning and sharing continues. 
Today the subject is “Peace vs. Love”.
Honestly, I never thought I would see or think of these two words at odds.  So, why then am I doing so?  I’ll explain what’s on my mind.  Walk with me.
So as we all know, “peace and love” is a pretty common sentiment.  I find it interesting that these two are almost always coupled together.  It came to me a few months ago and I shared it on my daily epiphany blog that, “Peace clarifies love because it has only one interpretation”, and ultimately I believe that is why The Gospel is called “The Gospel of Peace” and not “The Gospel of Love”.  Love simply has too many layers, interpretations, and is subjected to each person’s capacity to “be love”.
The type of love Christ demonstrated is called, Perfect Love.  It’s almost unreachable…

The Power of Contrast

Originally published at on 1/31/17

The Power of Contrast
Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read and another stroll with the Road2Wholeness Blog!   So, this is officially the last blog in this "Power" series.  I must say, I really enjoyed watching this series unfold and develop.  Well, stretch out and let’s get this walk!
Today the subject is contrast. 
Surely right now in the USA, this is a clear theme.  Yet, my mind is not called to the obvious.  My attention has been called to a few of the interesting ways in which I believe God uses contrast to speak to larger, and naturally unseen issues and contradictions. 
Two interesting things happened in my life nearly at the same time that called my attention to contrast.  Last October as I began to face the spiritual depth of an abortion I had in my late teens, a family member gave birth prematurely to twins.  Naturally, being someone who reflects a lot, something stood out.  I thought I wouldn’t be surp…

The Power of One People

Originally published at on 12/25/16

The Return to One People!
This is an assignment I never could accept in my own strength, but God’s encouragement to me was simply to Honor the Word of God and to Honor the Lord, Jesus. 
I begin with a recollection of the first two sins. 
1.The Reasoning Mind- which led to the Deception of Adam and Eve, and which ultimately led to separation between man and God
2.Rebellion to God’s Judgment- which led to Cain’s killing of his brother Abel
I believe that these two sins are a full representation of the flesh nature.  However, when we accept the Christ mind through acceptance of, and belief in Jesus Christ, we are able to return to our Father.  We then appear in Christ before the eyes of our Father as we were before we became double-minded and rebellious.  This is probably pretty agreed upon information.  But what I am convicted to present is the statement that came to me a few days ago.
The statement was, “The Christ mind is one nati…

The Power of Three

Originally published at on 12/18/16

The Power of Three
Welcome back!  Thanks for taking the read today and for taking another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog!  If you’ve been sitting all day… stand!  Stretch out!  Hands to toes... Hold it.  Hold it.  Nice!!!  Yeah, sometimes we just gotta stretch out!  Now let’s take that stroll!
So, in response to the approaching New Year, I wanted to share something from the personal development side of The Road2Wholeness Blog spectrum. 
The subject today is “The Power of Three”
First, let me say, these are my three; not everyone’s three.  That being said, there are a few places where I pull power, wisdom, and vitality.  That’s through my convictions, through correction, and through communication.  For me, where there is conviction there is power, where there’s been correction; there I find wisdom, and whenever I get to communicate; I find energy and vitality.  This has always been the case.  Recently, I’ve discovered some ne…

The Power of Silence

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Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read today, and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog. 
Today’s topic is, “The Power of Silence”.
I’ve learned that the more confident I am in myself, the less present God is.  Don’t misunderstand.  God most certainly wants us to be confident, but He really desires to be the foundation of all things we are confident about.  That being said, I’m confident that He will show me the way here.
Today, I want to share a testimony of more of God’s healing touch and ministry of reconciliation in my life.   The thing about God is… He’s thorough in his healing efforts.  He will not leave any area in darkness.  You should also know that healing does not only come by the touch of an anoint hand or through the petition of prayer.  Healing will sometimes require an action on the part of the person asking to be healed.  There are many accounts of this in scripture as Jesus moved about performing a…

The Power of Question

Originally published at on 11/16/16

Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read today and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog. 
Today the subject is question. 
Question? Why question? 
Question moves life forward.  Without quest and question, there is no evolution.  Ultimately, I believe that life itself is a question, and with every breath, the answer unfolds.  For the last seventeen years, every chapter of my life has been in response to some quest or question. 
I remember being a teenager and hearing the whisper, “There’s more”.  At the time, I was very unhappy and so the idea that there was more; more to see, more to know, more to be, more to experience, more to life…  gave me something to quest for and provoked many questions.  And so my love affair with questions and questioning blossomed and evolved. 
Eventually, I began directing most of my questions to self and answers would just pour out.  At the time I began this practice, I thought I was th…