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The Odor of Brokenness

Originally published at on 5/11/16

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Thank you for taking the read!

Today I want to discuss the odor of brokenness.  You may ask, "The odor of brokenness??  What is that?"

Yes, I repeat... "The Odor of Brokenness"!  Sometimes although we recognize that we are fractured and clearly broken, we may still insist on trying to get in the game.  For example, let's consider athletes when they get injured.  Perhaps it's some super important point in their season or career and if it was left up to them, they would probably get suited up and jump in the game but no; instead the doctors gives strict orders that they are not to play.  Luckily for them there are professionals and procedures in place to keep them from prematurely re-entering the game and possibly further injuring themselves.  In life however, when we are emotionally injured there is no one there to prevent us from getting back in the game while we…

Anchored by The Source

Originally published at on 5/3/16

Well the question that stands at the center of this offering is, "How can I truly love or know myself without recognizing my Source and Creator?"

It's natural to fall to our knees when life gets heavy and appears to want to break our backs and it's also natural to seek the source when we get to the end of our intellect and run out of answers, but has anyone taught you to seek the voice and presence of the Source for your very identity?  Perhaps I've touched on this at several points in the last five blog posts but today I'll like spend some time here.

Perhaps I should draw an analogy in order to fully bring my thoughts into context.  I like to think of doing life without the realization of our Source like utilizing a device and tossing the handbook or disregarding the manufacturer's guidelines.  Yes, perhaps we can figure out how to power it on and get the general use out of it by using our human intell…

A Naked Love: Weight Loss Edition

Originally published at on 4/25/16

Today I'm discussing a few subjects that I believe are strongly connected but may at times get wrongly misrelated.  The Naked Love concept is something that came to me many years ago.  The premise was to 1. Move from the idea of loving ourselves from a place of logic (example: "I'm not going to drive while drunk.") to a place of naked love (example: "Why must I get drunk?") and 2. To encourage people towards self-acceptance and self-appreciation by offloading some of our beauty regimens and cover ups so that we might really become more comfortable with what we were given.  A similar initiative that addresses in part the second half of the Naked Love Concept has emerged in recent years and is generally known as the "body-love" initiative.  In this blog, I would like to address how we might embrace the idea of body-love without getting stuck there at the risk of not addressing our health or even …