ReFlective Meditations "The Transcripts" _8

ReFlective Meditations with The ReWIRE
Show Theme: Unarmor

The Set-Up:

Today- Today we unarmor.  First, think about what it feels like to be armored.  It's hot.  It's heavy.  It's restricting.  So... Let's lift some of the weight.

Breatheon the inhale we repeat, "I Am" and on the exhale, we repeat "God Is".  Take 4 deep breaths using this breathing and sustaining pattern.  Feel the release of God's perfect love.

Now that you can see clearer. Let's Step.
As your steps get lighter, your mind also feels lighter.  Stop and breathe and take the moment in.

The Exit:

Breathe- This time on the inhale, declare that "God Is" and on the exhale, declare, therefore "I Am".  Repeat this four times and be filled with power and authority.

Listen to the audio of Unarmor:

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