The Purpose of Righteousness

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  And welcome back to Blogger...  Thank you for visiting The Road2Wholeness Blog.  We are ready to continue the “P” series.  Today’s blog is titled The Purpose of Righteousness. 

I begin this blog with the statement God laid on my heart this past Easter Sunday… it’s, “Righteousness can wiggle its way out of any grave".  This is such a profound statement that I will treasure probably for the rest of my life.  This statement is also well in line with the Gospel, and the great hope we put in Christ to receive eternal life. 

So what is the purpose of righteousness?  Let’s begin by looking at Joshua 2:1-7.  It tells the story Rahab a prostitute who is living in the land that was promised to the Israelites.  She has heard along with many others how mightily the God of the Israelites have been moving on their behalf, and she knows that the land will be invaded.  When Joshua sends two spies to look over the land and return to him with a report, she seizes her opportunity to save herself and her family. 

Later in Hebrews eleven, she is honored for her faith and listed among many men of great faith; men such as Joseph, Moses, and even Abraham.   Now, some can look on her role and call her an opportunist, however, if we look again, we will see the value she provided to the Israelites at a very crucial time.  It’s important to remember that this was not the first time men had gone to scope out the promised land.  Under Moses’ leadership the first set of men brought back a negative report.  The report they gave dissuaded the entire camp and made the people fearful to pursue the promise.  

 Therefore her role was quite significant because it did not only save her life, but it saved the lives of the two men Joshua sent, and allowed the children of Israel to get into position to receive what was their inheritance.  Thus her faith produced righteous action, and again we see the principle that was noted in the LAB series; that faith is counted as righteousness.

This is an important way to look at righteousness because if our righteousness never produces righteous action then what we are doing is simply storing up our goodness.  This is great in that we don’t negatively impact our world, yet it also does not make the greatest impact.  I say this because all the righteous people in the world could not help God’s plan until a righteous act was offered.  It is also important that we see Rahab the way God sees her.  In that day, people who did not believe in the God of the Hebrew people would not assist them even to save their own lives.  This is the reason God showed how many plagues (opportunities) were given to pharaoh, and how many times he still pursued the Israelites.  He pursued them to death.   Therefore her faith was counted.

As we know the most righteous act ever performed was the death of the Lord on the cross.  It was the greatest act of Love, and it covered a multitude of sin.  What we can see with all of the people God chose to serve Him, with the exception of Christ, is that they were not without sin, but their acts of love—their righteous acts covered a multitude of sin.

Therefore, the Purpose of Righteousness is to cover a multitude of sin, and not just our own.  We look again at Christ who was without sin, and whose grace sufficiently covers all the sin ever committed as well as all the sin that will ever be committed. 

Now let’s look at what constitutes a righteous act.  First, I will say only God and the beneficiary of a righteous act can testify.  You see a righteous act takes into consideration what is at stake.  It also accounts for when the act is performed.  It’s the quality of timing that adds to the value of a righteous act.  Lastly, it’s how it’s done.  All righteous acts vindicates in one way or another.  Because of the stakes and the significance of the timing, the act itself produces honor.  It produces honor for both sides. 

In the case of Rahab we see that she was later honored, and is mentioned in the book of Hebrews “Hall of Faith”, and God, whose word became indestructible.  It also vindicated the Israelites who spent forty years in the wilderness, and could have easily forgotten that they were in fact God’s chosen people. 

So now we begin to see the many benefits of righteousness.  We see that it assists God’s plan, it creates honor, and it vindicates (therefore covering a multitude of sin).   This is why righteousness can wiggle itself out of any grave, and this is why our God and Lord was and is risen.

Remember to go within that you may never go without.  The God within you awaits you.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you... Peace, Love, Life, and Complete Wholeness in Christ.

In Service,

NaTisha Renee Williams

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