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R2W Monthly: April 2018

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The Purpose of Righteousness

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  And welcome back to Blogger...  Thank you for visiting The Road2Wholeness Blog.  We are ready to continue the “P” series.Today’s blog is titled The Purpose of Righteousness.
I begin this blog with the statement God laid on my heart this past Easter Sunday… it’s, “Righteousness can wiggle its way out of any grave".This is such a profound statement that I will treasure probably for the rest of my life.This statement is also well in line with the Gospel, and the great hope we put in Christ to receive eternal life.
So what is the purpose of righteousness?Let’s begin by looking at Joshua 2:1-7.It tells the story Rahab a prostitute who is living in the land that was promised to the Israelites.She has heard along with many others how mightily the God of the Israelites have been moving on their behalf, and she knows that the land will be invaded.When Joshua sends two spies to look over the land and return to him with a report, she seizes her oppo…