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Guiltless vs. Blameless

Originally published at on 4/29/17

Welcome Back!  Thank you for taking the read today and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  Today I’ll like to share with you an interesting thought; a revelation.  This is the last blog in The Versus Series. This series title actually came to me late in the progression of my last four blogs, but I like it. 
The topic is Guiltless vs. Blameless!
If you listen to my online radio show, “The ReWIRE Show”, then you may be aware of the current attack I’m facing.  All along as the darts began to come at me; I kept saying… “I haven’t done anything wrong”.  I stood confidently and I continue to stand confidently, but then I got a revelation.  All along as I’ve been reading my bible, I’ve continued to see the word blameless, and I thought it was synonymous with guiltless… but no!  Now I understand that blameless means to be so steady in your approach, behavior, and lifestyle that it would be almost if not completely impossible to …