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After the Download

Originally published at on 8/12/16
First things first: Welcome Back!  Thank you for taking the read today and ultimately the walk with The Road2Wholeness Blog.   You may be asking… “What download”??  The Download of Healing!  You see many times we seek healing or we believe we are healed yet we get the feeling that still something is missing; like perhaps we missed a step or we’re left with the feeling… “There’s got to be more”.  The truth is there is more! Essentially what most people miss is the awareness that it doesn’t end with healing but it begins with healing.   So the work is not done but just getting started.  I’m going to liken the word healing to the word download for the purpose of drawing you an illustration and helping you see my point clearly. Think about when you download a program on your computer.  Better yet, let’s back up!  Think of when you decide or choose to ‘run’ a program on your computer.  Usually before you download any program you are pro…