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Out of Season!

Originally published at on 6/2/16

Today the subject is the changing of seasons in our lives.

Most of us will agree that life naturally find ways to connect us to what is next in our lives.  Well, in the same way it seems life will naturally disconnect us from people, places, things, etc. that have become out of season in our lives.  When the season in our life changes we can quickly get in the flow or we can choose to struggle with what has suddenly become concrete.  The idea of recognizing the end of one season and the beginning of another is easier to see and even accept in nature.  However, in our personal lives the changing of a season is often only acceptable to us when we feel that we have somehow willed it into being.  Without desire, awareness, and readiness; we are almost always resistant to the changing of seasons in our lives.  Yet life doesn't seem to ask our permission in the matter.  Ultimately, we are then left with the choice to get in the flow o…