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How I Dropped the Load

In Late March of 2013, I was attending my sister’s baby shower. That day I looked at myself in a picture that I’d just taken and was faced with the reality that I had loss perspective.Somehow I had strolled into obesity without realizing.My stomach had become a separate entity; really it had a life of its own.
I looked on as a family friend scrolled thru the pictures we’d taken smiling (obviously not shocked or horrified by my weight or my sluggish disposition). But I was! I knew I had transitioned out of a size 18 and into a size twenty sometime the year before but it hadn’t until that day or moment alarmed me.Obviously, the consciousness that had helped me to create this masterpiece of excess and that had sustained my progression towards obesity had changed.I knew my consciousness had changed because I stood looking at myself in the pictures with new eyes.What exactly had shifted to make an alarm go off in my head that would ring out to my heart and soul?I didn’t know but it was abou…