The Awakened Mind

Just a Thought....

"The mind should never follow in the footsteps of the body.  See the body awakens and within hours it journeys back into slumber but when the mind awakens it should never return to sleep." 

This idea speaks of forgetfulness rather than peace.  We may have all endured a mentally stressful night where the body is fatigue but the mind does not relinquish and when morning comes we feel completely drained.  The above thought does not speak of the mind staying awake in that context; that has to do with a lack of peace in the mind.  The above thought speaks of forgetfulness because I've found that one of the biggest human afflictions is forgetfulness.  Researches keep asking why are we the only species who will repeat a thing in the same manner and expect to get a different result.   My answer is perhaps we have forgotten that we already tried it that way.

That being said, I wish for you, me, and all of mankind.... a lasting awakening.

Peace and Love and Be Absolutely Blessed!

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach