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Am I Worthless If I Decide To Have A One-Night Stand?

This is a tricky question. The question I would pose to you is, "Are you healthy enough to have a one night stand?" Secondly, "Are you positive that you and this person will never have sexual relations again?" and lastly, "Are both parties aware that this is to be a one-night stand?"

I ask all three of these questions for a very specific reason and from an insider's perspective. To touch on the first question: it is very important that you know why you are engaging or wanting to engage in a one-night stand. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. For example, if your ultimate goal or desire is to share yourself with someone in a committed relationship then having a one-night stand will never sit well with you (though you may still go forward with it eventually you may feel strong guilt or shame). This seeming need may be you expressing a lack of commitment to yourself, a lack of commitment to finding someone worthy of sharing your life with, or even a …

What are the Tools for Defining Self-Worth?

Hello There,

I'm so happy to answer this question. I hope that my answer will leave you with some substance that you can use going forward in your quest for emotional healing. Here goes!

Simply put, "Self-Worth" is the value that you have attached to yourself. Everything you say and do quietly expresses what you think or believe about yourself which is the revealing of your self-worth. Let me give you a scenario to help us to clarify this point.

Anyone who has ever begged their mate or partner to spend sometime with them has probably suffered with low self-worth. Notice I used the word 'begged' not 'asked'. It is not healthy for the spirit when one has to beg their mate or partner to stay the night, take them out, or just hang out a while. What you are expressing when you do this is that you do not believe that you are worth having someone that will willingly meet your needs. You have probably already settled for less than what you wanted and are …


If it's still June of 2009 and you are reading this....You are officially part of a groundbreaking movement. This is my first post in what is to become a true culture and movement of emotionally healthy individuals. I am so happy that our journeys (paths) have crossed at such a pivotal moment in time. I truly believe that the universe is reaching out to us and nudging us to live a more emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy and inspired life. It is also my belief that before we can manipulate anything on the outer that we must go within.

I am only here to serve as a guide; I'm not a doctor of any sort. However, I have been called to positively affect the lives of the wounded. To say the least, in preparation for this has been a faithful provider of experiences that left me to journey within. I can honestly say that if it weren't for my inner quest for emotional stability which grew out of a need to stop the deep hurt and pain I was feelin…