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Overcome Self-Destruction!

It's very important to understand that the cycles of dysfunction and self-destruction are often born out of faulty foundations. Most people would say it's because of deep hurt why certain things take place...things like addictions. However, I would offer that it's the way we feel about the hurt and more often, it's what we think the person(s) who hurt us owes us that keeps us bounded. In the process of holding onto anger and awaiting an apology; we hurt ourselves.  We act out and as a result, we invite more pain into our lives.  In addition to that, I would pose the question, "What core idea or principle is holding your personal universe together?" or "What is the governing idea that you anchor your existence on?"

There were two main principles that I needed to become aware of in order to overcome my cycles of dysfunction and self-destruction. First I needed to know that I am not my body.  For a long time I carried an "all-used up" idea of…

Mend Your Broken Heart

We all want to have a whole and complete heart. The only issue is, we see our wholeness as supplemented by something on the outside. I've recently learned that "To Be" is "To Have"! What do I mean by that?? Well, if only we could put our focus on being a whole and complete heart; a heart that is free from bondage to resentment, unforgiveness, malice, lack, insecurities, etc. I have a few questions that may serve to make my point.

Are you the seed, the root, or the fruit? Perhaps I can help you to see things more clearly. Let's say the fruit is the expression and the root is the link; that would probably mean the seed is the source. Now, I want to ask you, "are you the source of your happiness or have you given your power away?" More importantly, I ask...does the seed need the fruit as proof that it is a seed? So the real question is, "are you a whole and complete seed before and always or only after you've made the expression of the frui…

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Accept Life's Gifts

Needless to say Life has many gifts to offer. We've already experienced most of them at some point, however the opportunity to experience them on a regular basis is awaiting us. No longer do we have to wait around wondering when success, happiness, loving relationships, adventure, peace/harmony, unconditional love, joy, purpose, wholeness, and health will pay us a visit. The more we learn to love ourselves the more we send a clear message to life that we are ready to fully experience its gifts. Not only do we invite these gifts into our lives but we are able to experience them without the kind of destruction that comes out of unhealed emotions and a broken self love. Think of all the negative experiences that has come out of the idea of lack and separation from our true identity....

We have materiality overshadowing success; depression stealing happiness; possessive relationships disguising themselves as loving relationships; unrestraint taunting adventure; minds and hearts f…

Self-Love: The Gateway!

The phrase "love yourself first" to some may sound like something selfish or vain but self-love is really the gateway to being able to experience unconditional love. Why do I say that? Well walk with me through this.... It is only once you have truly come to a place where you feel complete and whole as a person (not needing of anything or anyone to complete you) can you be confident enough, fearless enough, stable enough to express unconditional love to someone as well as accept it from someone! Most times when we as humans think unconditional love, we first think of the love a parent has for their child and the reason we make that connection is because it's a situation where we get to witness a certain level of selflessness. If the parent's love is not truly unconditional in its nature and is regulated by the need to be needed, it will show up as the child becomes older and more independent. Remember, unconditional love is a love that is never grudging; its th…

What You Should Know About Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-esteem begins with an illusion of self. Declare today that you are perfectly made! It's time to forget all the things that have been said to you by those who were blinded or are blind. I know they've broken your spirit and made it really hard to see yourself in a different light but you've got to change your language. Go as far as to change your language! Make it so you don't even hear the negativity. Make up your mind only to speak, engage, and recognize the language of love. Anything that doesn't radiate from a place of love can't affect you because it can't reach you! Be an example of what you expect to receive; cleanse yourself of the negative energy you've absorbed. Be sure you're not passing on the torch; not damaging someone else. Heal your heart! Confront anyone that needs to be confronted; not with anger, resentment, or in need of an apology because you've already cashed in on the rewards of forgiveness. Do it that they may be …

Change Your Awareness of Self!!

"The first step to healing is to change your awareness of Self." -NaTisha Renee

When I was at my lowest point and in my darkest moment, I've realized I was seeing myself as a victim. I saw myself as a victim of emotionally absent parents, my environment, guys I dated, an unconquerable system.....and the list goes on. Standing in the light, I can now see the difference in my thinking, in my perception of circumstances, and ultimately in my awareness of self! There are three vital steps in order to heal oneself from victimhood and I will be sharing those on the radio show. But let's talk about self awareness and identity for a moment.

In order to change our awareness of self we really need to:

1.) Get past the channels who were used to bring us here and reconnect with the source and His idea of us. It's time to take the power out of the hands of biology and put it back into the hands of spirit. Understand that you are not a victim of anything that you ha…

Selfless or Neglecting Self?

Is there always music in your ears; people around; places to go? Things to do? Folks to save? If this sounds like your life....Keep reading! Find out what strong messages you may be sending to yourself!

"Busyness is the language of unconsciousness." It's also many people's way to avoid self! It's in large much easier to help others with their problems than it is to focus on our own issues and work through them. Part of what makes this true is that we see things more clearly when we're not so up close and personal. Dealing with our personal development on the other hand is not so black and white; it requires a lot of long stares and quite a bit of stillness. Yet we know that if we go unplugged for too long we lose power and eventually can be no use to anyone! Trying to drown out the voice within telling us to look within is not going to make it go away. It's like when a child covers their face, hoping that if they can't see you; you can't see them.

We've All Been Tested...What's Your Testimony??

We've all had to grow into ourselves, learn to trust ourselves, and care more for ourselves.  When we withhold our stories, we are withholding God's glory.  Share Your Testimony and HELP LIFT UP ANOTHER!  Until next time...Peace, Love, Life, and Harmony!
NaTisha R. Williams

Beware and Be Aware of Negative Self-Talk!!

What are you really saying about yourself? Who are you in your eyes?

In learning to love ourselves more, one very important factor is to be conscious of thoughts going through our minds (the chatter as it pertains to oneself) and the feelings that are attached to those very thoughts. Most of what we think about ourselves have been with us for quite some time. Needless to say that we will need to do some uprooting. This process of uprooting however begins with awareness. Time to get diligent about policing our thoughts. This is the only way! When we truly believe and accept our beauty, no more will we say things like...."I don't look good in blue" or "I look pretty today". These are the types of things that at first glance don't seem to be a big deal but this is the cleverness of the subconscious. We must get to a place where we can catch the contradictions. Therefore, you might say...."pink seems to compliment my skin well" (highlighting the posit…

My New Man/Woman....Ego Repair? or A Band-Aid?

When we make a decision to rebound as quickly as possible into a new relationship, we forfeit our well-being. One of the reasons we have so many damaged people walking amongst us is because of this very habit. We see it all the time with Hollywood couples, but they are really only a mirror of our society overall.

It appears that this way of being has gone unchecked for way too long. So maybe the question we should ask ourselves at the start of a new relationship is "My New Man...Ego Repair? or A Band-Aid?? If the answer is any of the two....Beware!

Honestly, I feel like the idea that we should never feel any pain or discomfort is unrealistic. I say this because as we know, "anything that is not growing is dead.....and in order to grow, we will experience some kind of pain or discomfort".  Yet for some crazy reason we're all running about trying to cover up our hurts and pain while only creating an invitation for hurt and pain to reside and multiply. If only we under…

Am I Worthless If I Decide To Have A One-Night Stand?

This is a tricky question. The question I would pose to you is, "Are you healthy enough to have a one night stand?" Secondly, "Are you positive that you and this person will never have sexual relations again?" and lastly, "Are both parties aware that this is to be a one-night stand?"

I ask all three of these questions for a very specific reason and from an insider's perspective. To touch on the first question: it is very important that you know why you are engaging or wanting to engage in a one-night stand. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. For example, if your ultimate goal or desire is to share yourself with someone in a committed relationship then having a one-night stand will never sit well with you (though you may still go forward with it eventually you may feel strong guilt or shame). This seeming need may be you expressing a lack of commitment to yourself, a lack of commitment to finding someone worthy of sharing your life with, or even a …

What are the Tools for Defining Self-Worth?

Hello There,

I'm so happy to answer this question. I hope that my answer will leave you with some substance that you can use going forward in your quest for emotional healing. Here goes!

Simply put, "Self-Worth" is the value that you have attached to yourself. Everything you say and do quietly expresses what you think or believe about yourself which is the revealing of your self-worth. Let me give you a scenario to help us to clarify this point.

Anyone who has ever begged their mate or partner to spend sometime with them has probably suffered with low self-worth. Notice I used the word 'begged' not 'asked'. It is not healthy for the spirit when one has to beg their mate or partner to stay the night, take them out, or just hang out a while. What you are expressing when you do this is that you do not believe that you are worth having someone that will willingly meet your needs. You have probably already settled for less than what you wanted and are …


If it's still June of 2009 and you are reading this....You are officially part of a groundbreaking movement. This is my first post in what is to become a true culture and movement of emotionally healthy individuals. I am so happy that our journeys (paths) have crossed at such a pivotal moment in time. I truly believe that the universe is reaching out to us and nudging us to live a more emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy and inspired life. It is also my belief that before we can manipulate anything on the outer that we must go within.

I am only here to serve as a guide; I'm not a doctor of any sort. However, I have been called to positively affect the lives of the wounded. To say the least, in preparation for this has been a faithful provider of experiences that left me to journey within. I can honestly say that if it weren't for my inner quest for emotional stability which grew out of a need to stop the deep hurt and pain I was feelin…