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Elohim: God of All Gods_ E

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog and thank you for taking the stroll with us today.  I hope you are enjoying this blog series Elohim: God of All Gods.  Today we continue with Esther of the Book of Esther and the events concerning a plot to destroy the Jews in the place where they had been exiled.

In the first two blogs of this series, we looked at moments where God demonstrated that He is the God of All Gods who can do all things.  In the final blog we hope to bring you full circle after exploring stories about Zechariah, Hezekiah, Esther, and Elijah.  Let's continue in "Zhee is for Zeal."

If you read the text leading up to the start of The Book of Esther, depending on your bible... you'll be warned that the story never mentions God.  This is quite interesting as we've enjoyed the presence of God by use of angels and prophecy in Blog Z and Blog H.  After reading of King Hezekiah who never responded to his enemy; this is also becoming a symbol of power.

In t…

The VCR Diaries 2 "No Estrogen" Act 3, Part 2

Are You Following The VCR Diaries 2 "No Estrogen"? A Poetic Documental by Grace Call Communications  based on The Decks and the Road Novel Series

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Here's a glimpse of the 18-Piece Documental taken from Act 3.
To continue, go to:
Act 3- Rick Simpleton, Pt. 2 The crowd has settled down.  The climax went before me.  I'm a bit of a resolution.  I didn't want to read Reece's documental.  I wanted to have clear and personal thoughts.  I saw a few people file out.  It's no big deal.  I'm an Act who has had a lot of time to develop.

The Drawing
Yesterday is a drawing, Today is a sketch, Tomorrow is a blur.
Sometimes tomorrow is a sketch, And today is the blur, But Yesterday remains a drawing.
You study the picture, You withdraw your winnings, But you leave the drawing untouched.
You study the picture, You withdraw your winnings, And you try to make a new s…

R2W Monthly: October 2019

Welcome back to R2W Monthly.  Keep up with what's coming This Fall.
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