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Onto Gate 4

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Welcome to Gate/ˈgāt/- A Blog SeriesOnto Gate 4Definition of “Next to”
1: immediately following or adjacent to2:in comparison to Definition of Opposite
2: occupying an opposing and often antagonistic position2b:diametrically different (as in nature or character)
preposition 1across from and usually facing or on the same level with

Definition of Front and “In Front of”2an area of activity or interest

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Onto Gate 3

Welcome to Gate/ˈgāt/- A Blog SeriesOnto Gate 3Definition of Inspection1the act of inspecting 1brecognition of a familiar pattern leading to immediate solution of a mathematical problem 2a checking or testing of an individual against established standards
Definition of Corner
1bthe place of intersection of two streets or roads
3aa private, secret, or remote place3ba position from which escape or retreat is difficult or impossible
a point at which significant change occurs