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Onto Gate 1

Welcome to Gate/ˈgāt/- A Blog SeriesDefinition of gate
1an opening in a wall or fence 2a city or castle entrance often with defensive structures 3athe frame or door that closes a gate 3ba movable barrier 5ca device that outputs a signal when specified input conditions are met.logic gate

Now that you have the five definitions of Gate that we would like to highlight for our new Blog Series “Gate”, I welcome you back to The Road2Wholeness Blog. Thank you for taking the stroll with us today.  This is the first blog of 2019.  The seed for this blog series was secretly planted by God amidst our Life of LAB Quick Lab Series back in November, and the time has now come to embark on the revelation of Gate. 
When the Lord likens himself to a thing; it’s a good idea to see the definition.By definition and not hand-down connotations we can enjoy many revelations.Later, I will also highlight certain areas within the chosen definitions, and perhaps for you just as it was for me; there will be su…

R2W Monthly: March

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Welcome back to R2W Monthly.  The question remains, "Did YOU Know?"...  And if you are aware of all the things shared in this month's newsletter, The Road2Wholeness Blog says, "Thank YOU!" and invites you to download and share our newsletter or text the link to our blog to someone who might enjoy it.  Between now and our next newsletter, look for our new Blog Series "Gate".

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