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R2W Monthly: August

Good day... Our August Newsletter is finally here!  Hope you enjoyed our last newsletter.  We promise to keep the surprises coming.  Today we bring to you a  formal newsletter.  Click on the image for a clear view or to download.  And check  out our latest blog... Lord! ASAP

Lord! ASAP_ Blog 1

Welcome to The Road2Wholeness Blog! Thanks for stopping by, and for taking the read today.  It’s been a great time of digging.  I hope you have enjoyed the dig.  Now we move into a series of motivational blogging.  I begin with a new series “Lord! ASAP”.  This is a series on conversations with God, and God as Lord.  Let’s begin.
The closer you feel that you are to God, the easier it is to speak to God.When God is no longer a figure in the sky, and He becomes part of who you believe yourself to be, then you can really see God.But beyond this… do you believe God can see you?The most radical shift you can have in your relationship with God is to know and believe that God sees you.
In Genesis 16:8, Hagar the slave of Abraham’s wife Sarah is wandering in the desert when the Angel of the Lord calls out to her, and begins to proclaim God’s vision and intent for the child she is carrying.The first question He asks is “where have you come from and where are you going?”The question suggests tha…