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Life of LAB: Allow Me to Summarize

Originally published at on 11/27/2017

Welcome to The Road2Wholeness Blog.Thank you for taking the read today, and for following the series! This was the final blog in the Life of LAB quick series 2017.  Allow me to summarize.

For this I turn to the JAWW of God.What is the JAWW of God?It’s the Judgment, Authority, Will, and Word of God.That being said…. Did we do it?Did we cover it all?
Let’s look back…
Day one we looked at what it means to salt with the blog Fire Hazard.Day two was Trash Pick-Up, and we talked about not picking up the trash that comes disguised in our lives.Day three on Thanksgiving Day, we looked at what it means to stay Fed with the blog Always Fed.Day Four we examined the belly between dimensions of faith.Day Five we remembered what it takes to remain devoted and of good use to God.Day six we simply showed up to demand the promises of God.

In each of the blogs we connected the takeaways and the principles to the judgment, authority, will, and w…

Life of LAB: Show Up!

Originally published at on 11/26/2017

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!Thank you for taking the read today.We’re still in Life of LAB "A Quick Lab Series".Today’s blog is “Show Up”!

Let’s see.  How do I want to show up in this Lab?  I think I’ll begin with scripture.
I go to Joshua 17:17-18.It reads, “… You will have not only one allotment but the forested hill country as well.Clear it, and its farthest limits will be your; though the Canaanites have chariots fitted with iron and though they are strong, you can drive them out.”
Let’s also look at Joshua 18:3.So Joshua said to the Israelites: “How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you?”

These two scriptures are great.They speak of the Israelites who’d been given a land that was being occupied.It was God’s promise to them, and yet they were instructed to drive out the inhabitants.When you read the story, you will …