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Reach Out!

Originally published at on 5/27/17

Welcome Back!  Thanks for visiting The Road2Wholeness Blog and taking the stroll with us today.  You’ve landed in “The Reach” Series. 
Today “The Reach” is Out!  Why Reach Out? 
Well, I suppose that right away a picture or thought comes to mind of helping someone up as is depicted in the post image, and I’m also thinking along those lines, however, I’m thinking about having the heart do the reaching.  What does that look like? 
For me, it looks like one hand extended out in front and one hand extended out behind.  It’s a bit of an awkward position to be in physically, and perhaps it may slow you down a bit, but in my mind’s eye; it works.  So who’s in front and who’s behind, and who’s the big-hearted one in the middle?  This is an image I often think of.  It’s the idea of reaching for what’s in front, while taking your brother with you.
Okay, now I know what you’re thinking.  Drop the dead weight.  But what if it’s not dead weig…

Woman be Whole!


Reach Down

Originally published at on 5/11/17

Welcome Back!  Thank you for visiting The Road2Wholeness Blog.  I invite you to take a stroll with us today.  Today begins The Reach Series. 
I’ll like to begin this series with the subject “Reach Down”.
Ordinarily when we think reach; we think high.  Certainly, in this series we will go high, but first I offer to you that perhaps we first reach down.  Why reach down?  Let’s reach down and pull up our lower thoughts.  Sometimes we take off running and we don’t realize that there are thoughts that we forgot to pull up to a higher level of consciousness.  These thoughts eventually then become debris in the road.  These thoughts impede our journey forward.  As we begin to look at what’s tripping us up, we must also be willing to reach down and sort through them. 
Through stillness, reflective meditation, and even simple rest we undergo the process of exposing these debris for what they are.  We look into them using the light and tru…