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A Whole Piece of God

The journey from broken to whole can happen in one giant leap.  Only if we knew that we were each an entire piece of God. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer used to tell a story or give an example of this idea by referencing the idea of taking a sample of one's blood.  He would talk about how doctors didn't need to take all the blood out of your body to know what was in your blood.  He reminded us that a tiny sample would tell it all because ALL was represented within the tiny sample; hence, the awareness that we are whole.  A "Whole" piece of God!  With that understanding we can really gain a new self-awareness and self-assuredness.  This awareness will give you wings.  It will give you confidence.  It will give you life; and life more abundantly.  This awareness was the cure to mending my broken heart and mindset in the past and I lean on it everyday to renew my mind. Getting the word that you by default and birthright cannot truly be broken will heal you and renew your mind every t…

The Dandelion Spirit

I write this blog to encourage myself and others; to empower myself and others.  Whatever I speak of, I've dealt with or I'm dealing with.  Each post is a tool.  It's another attempt to get stronger; clearer; healthier.  I've been broken.  I've been cut down.  I've been lost.  I've been overlooked.   I've been taunted.  I've been lied to.  I've been misused.  I've been stepped on.  I've been up-rooted.  I've been abused.  Figuratively, I've been left for dead.  Yeah, I've been in dark spaces.  I've failed.  I've been drowning.  I've known the heat of hell.   I've been ravished.  I've been old.   I've been young.  I've been smart.  I've been dumb.  I've been loved and still I've been forgotten.  Yet through all my being and the things I have been; I return like a pesky weed.  I stand firm with my dandelion spirit because I too am His creation. I return to climb mountains.  I return to he…

A Life of Apologies

When was the last time you said sorry to anyone for anything?  That question popped into my head this morning.  It made me look.  I really value questions that make me look within and do a little self-examination.  I didn't have to look too far thank God although there were some that did still need to be issued (2 of which I've already done).  Honestly, I appreciate that the question was posed because it helped me to see something else.

What came to mind as I thought about the question, is that a life of limited apologies can be quite the self-righteous life.  The idea that we can go through life without issuing apologies or feeling like we're the ones who always needs to be apologized to; is in essence a life of ego.  Just think, with all the different personalities, cultures, and matters of the heart around us, how is it that we have managed not to offend anyone lately?  Sometimes apologizing is not about intent.  Just because you didn't intend to step on someone'…