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Scale Free in 2016

Oh you got it right! Yes, I'm talking about not weighing in for the whole of 2016.

Now for some who has never been obese and may have worn the same size for years and years, this is no big deal. For me, however, this is an alarming concept.  Well, my journey to a smaller, healthier me, began with a mind blowing mind and character challenge and to this moment I have continued to challenge myself and my mindset. 

From pretty early on I adapted the use of a scale to manage and reach my results.  It was once a crucial tool for me as I needed a finger pointing and waving in my face to let me know whenever I was walking a fine line or potentially veering off track.  I wouldn't say, I'm divorcing accountability. I would say, I'm making the accountability more honest.  I'm saying to myself, "If you are truly committed to health and physical fitness; live it and be true to it without the chastisement of a scale."... (because as stated that is the context in which…

Spellbound No More

For some of us, daily living is tied to an ongoing war of words.  It's a fight for life and space between old words spoken and new word seeds wanting to take root.  As we stand on a new and blank canvas we call 2016, we will have to make a final decision the break our ties with the spells of the past.  It's time to say goodbye to all the words that were used as spells to keep us spellbound to a life of mediocrity and scarcity.  The subconscious mind is always computing data.  It's always transmuting pictures into words and words into pictures.  Everything we out-frame or out-picture was first written on the disc of our minds with words; just as some word seeds are planted through visual stimulation. 

I remember growing up and having to fight to get on the school bus.  This wasn't specific to a particular day; this was no isolated incident; this was daily life.  Each morning and afternoon it was a push and a shove to simply go to school and get back to my side of town.…