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God's Winking at You!

I love miracles and I make it a habit to acknowledge them every day.  Honestly, I see them all around me. Many times, I see two cars on track to collide and suddenly one driver recognizes the other or maybe I see a sunset or a sunrise and I recognize it as a miracle.  Although seemingly simple to us now with all of our intellect, but really what a miracle!  I think part of some people's inability to see the miracles of life is that they're always looking for the big stuff...  You know... the lottery winner; the person who is gifted a brand new house by a complete stranger; the woman who conceives after a decade of trying; a person who lives thru a devastating car crash....etc.  And certainly there's no doubt about it...those are indeed miracles but what if we really got focus, still, and honest enough to acknowledge those uncelebrated moments when it is also certain that God is winking at us. You know the moments when you're running behind say for work and you hit all …