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Don't Swallow the Pain

It recently became knowledge to me that since the age of maybe seven or eight, I've been swallowing my pain.  Over the course of my young life there have been some very traumatic moments where instead of speaking of, confronting, or sharing my pain.... I took a big Gulp and simply swallowed the pain.  I swallowed it and allowed it to fester.  I swallowed it and allowed it to grow hands and feet.  I swallowed it and allowed it to crystallize and harden within me.  I swallowed it and told myself I didn't deserve to feel what I was feeling.  I swallowed it and figured it would dissipate or evaporate even.... but No!  Wrong!  I peel back the layers of callus surrounding my heart... and there they are... laughing and smiling; playing hopscotch; having a blast; not thinking about me... just happy to be alive; happy they never got dealt with; never got put to rest.

Seeing this, I was quickly able to match the pain to its manifestation.  I could identify each trauma and see how it bei…

What it Takes to Be Successful!

At the age of 17 after graduating H.S. I moved from Maryland to Miami. My life could have went in any direction and it certainly wanted to... I was broken; had No Self-esteem, No Self-Love, No Self-Appreciation and a Poor Body Image.

At age 19 after experiencing a Date Rape, I thought... "Okay NaTisha... we gotta turn this around!" I enrolled in a home based Small Business Administration Course which I completed. I then began attending business workshops wherever I would find them, I enrolled in a 11 week Micro Business Intensive..which I completed. Suddenly things (dreams) began moving and stirring in me.. the feeling to be an entrepreneur had been reawakened in me. I turned to the thing that had got me thru my tough adolescent years... Poetry! I knew it was raw but I knew there had to be more of us... Broken; No Self- Esteem Having; Damn near lost in the world Females walking around and so at age 24 I published my 1st book of Poetry. At age 25, I founded and started my…