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Losing Weight is Really Losing the Baggage of Mediocrity

I have always said and I still believe weight loss to be about emotional baggage.  Yes at some point you must change your eating habits and your physical routines but if all you do is get about the business of losing weight with no regard to your emotions then you will find another habit to fill the gap.  Trading one addiction for another is never progress it's just a diversion.  Food for many of us is a companion; it's the thing we grab before we retire to our homes on a Friday night...  It fills the social gap and the void of sometimes not having someone to talk to.  It's a blanket of euphoria that keeps us soothed and warm until we again have to face our mirrors.  It's the cushion that breaks our fall every time we face failure, disappointment, or even a deadline.  But why?  What is it all about?  This is the question that has a laundry list of answers all unique to those who has posed it.  For me food is safe... it seldom disappoints!  It provides an escape...  It …