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Its Shinning in the Tunnel!

Today it feels like its shinning in the tunnel.... You know that tunnel we all keep hearing and commenting about... the one with a light attached to its end.  Well right now I'm feeling really warm because its shinning in the tunnel.  Perhaps this means I'm nearing the end of my current plight or maybe I've changed the way I see things but nevertheless.. ITS SHINNING IN THE TUNNEL!!  That light at the end is shinning right through and giving new light, hope, energy, and purpose to my dreams.  I've carried my bundle with pride and even joy at times....I've carried it with vigor and conviction....I've carried it with love and courage and now the light of day is shinning on me.  I'm almost moved to tears.....its been 6 long years in the's been dark, lonely, scary.... and at times shame wanted to rear its head; wanted to sit and shit on my effort but TODAY ITS SHINNING IN THE TUNNEL!  Praise Him....I say Praise him......I still got my right mind…

Make It a Monumental New Year!

Happy New Year.... Happy Fresh Start... Happy Beautiful Continuation!! 

It's that exciting time of year again when we begin to take a heartfelt look at our lives and willingly make improvements or decide to set our sights a little bit higher and farther into the future.  

Well, I WANT TO WISH YOU THE ABSOLUTE BEST AT THE NEWEST CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE!!  Whether it feels like a new beginning or a beautiful continuation....Make it Monumental!  Make it the year where you can feel the shift, where results become tangible to the touch; to the eye, make it a moment in time that will never be forgotten and surely not regretted.


I wish you God's Love, Peace, Will, Wisdom, Strength, and Mercy!  I WISH IT AND I WISH IT IN A BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, AND UNSELFISH WAY!

Go forth and Be Fruitful....Multiple your gifts, your dreams, your intuitions, your power, your love, your purpose.  Do it now, Do it tomorrow, Do IT ALWAYS AND FOREVER.... Write that Next Chapter, sho…