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Where Do We Go From Damaged??

In the April issue of "O" Magazine, Oprah unveils some of her most personal journal entries.  In these entries we get to see the despair she once felt and appeared to be obsessed with.  In one of her sidebar commentaries, she refers to those moments as her 3D years...Delusional, In Denial, and Damaged! 

For me, it was quite profound to see how she had intentionally turned her life around; and we're not really talking money here.  We're talking about making a commitment to healing.  It made me ask the question (because the word damaged usually expresses a permanent condition) "Where do we go from damaged?"  Here's what came to me: "We can allow ourselves to be swept up and thrown out or we can begin to put ourselves back together!"

And this for me is essentially what "Road2Wholeness" is.  It's the process of refusing to be thrown away, refusing to remain broken, refusing to leave this earth with the gift you came to deliver....I…

New Radio Series....Words Matter!!

How wrong have we been....singing: "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me".  It was a great way of trying to ward off the negativity but what if it's not just the haters speaking words of doom over you.  What do you do if when you go home everything the so called bullies said are confirmed by family and loved ones?  Well this is the reality that many of us had to deal with and all of a sudden it wasn't so easy to chant...."stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".

I've come to realize that many adults are carrying around very hurtful, demeaning, and dangerous ideas and beliefs about themselves as a result of words that were spoken over them at a very young age.  They appear to be over it with all the busy work and complex lives that they live but time and time again we see the dysfunction begin to surface or worse we see the mentalities passed on to their children and the negativity acted out in red.  …