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Dear Family.....

Dear Family,

First and foremost, let me say, “If you’re reading this letter, it’s NO MISTAKE! I’ve decided to write and publish this letter because I care about YOU….Family! Not because we share DNA but because WE SHARE A STORY THAT HAS RAVISHED AND TORMENTED US FOR TOO LONG NOW!” The purpose of this letter is to express my deep desire to see My Family Prosper. Look around you…..what do you see? What do you hear?

I’m seeing and hearing a cry for help! Is it our Race? Is it our Planet? Wait….maybe it’s our Universe, trying to get our attention; trying to tell us “It’s Time for Healing!” It’s time to return to Wholeness; before daddy left, before mommy put providing first and nurturing third…yeah, third; right after her new boyfriend. Time to return to wholeness; before that man decided to use his power to overpower you and use your body for his selfish satisfaction…Before you had eight brothers and sisters to compete with…Before your disappointment turned into rage and your rage turned…

The Awakened Mind

Just a Thought....

"The mind should never follow in the footsteps of the body.  See the body awakens and within hours it journeys back into slumber but when the mind awakens it should never return to sleep." 

This idea speaks of forgetfulness rather than peace.  We may have all endured a mentally stressful night where the body is fatigue but the mind does not relinquish and when morning comes we feel completely drained.  The above thought does not speak of the mind staying awake in that context; that has to do with a lack of peace in the mind.  The above thought speaks of forgetfulness because I've found that one of the biggest human afflictions is forgetfulness.  Researches keep asking why are we the only species who will repeat a thing in the same manner and expect to get a different result.   My answer is perhaps we have forgotten that we already tried it that way.

That being said, I wish for you, me, and all of mankind.... a lasting awakening.

Peace and Love and Be …

Use Words Responsibly

Just wanted to put out a quick reminder to each and everyone to be aware of how we are using or abusing words and/or abusing people with words.  It's never too late to be a better version of yourself and its always exciting to create a new chapter.  So if you aren't proud of your relationship with words...begin anew right now!

On Behalf of My Campaign to Use Words Responsibly,

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

Life Is So Delicate.. Handle with Gratitude

Today no matter where you are, what is happening....right now, I want you to declare...."I Am Grateful!"  It's so easy to begin to believe the concensus about life without really reflecting on the life we experience.  I've learned to use my own life as my meter and not all the opinions and stories of others in deciding how to feel about life.  I've also learned that if we will tell the truth...we find that "The Grace" has always been there...pulling us through, restoring our hope, leaving us with some dignity...redeeming us.  So Give Thanks.... Give Back Some Love.... Share a Blessing.... Share your Discoveries...Teach Something You've Learned....Be a Light...Keep Beaming...Keep Believing...Keep Breathing in and out of Gratitude!!

Peace and Love and Remember to Be Absolutely Blessed!

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

A Few Things to Make Peace With

Something I read today and thought of sharing......

Becoming Unafraid: 4 Things to Make Peace With

By Donna Brazile

O, The Oprah Magazine
From the July 2010 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Fear is one of the worst, and most limiting, emotions in life. It's also a fact. We're all unsettled by something—after Katrina and all the hurricanes I grew up with in New Orleans, my greatest concern is rising water. But I think life is a process of moving items from the "scared of" to the "not scared of" list. So, you know what I'm not worried about anymore?

Failure. It doesn't exist. "Failure" is just what happens when we lose perspective. I thought I'd failed when I got fired as deputy field director for the Dukakis campaign. If I'd known then that I needed to go through that in order to be ready to manage the Gore campaign, I would've seen it for what it was: an unavoidable low point, no more or less important than the experiences I c…

Welcome That New Chapter!

Call it August 1st , Monday Morning, 6am, a Birthday, whatever moment in time you associate with beginning anew.....Go For It!!  Welcome That New Chapter in your life even when you're not sure what to call it or where to begin writing.  And remember to acknowledge any new set of rules needed for your new chapter.  So many times we go into new periods in our lives using the same mentalities, excuses, rules etc. that we used in earlier periods of life but this chapter may have come to help you conquer fear, enforce integrity, redefine love...etc. etc. so be sure to embrace the moment and the challenge!  Begin anew and resurface a new person!!

Be Absolutely Blessed,

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

Put Yourself Together and Feel Better!

I've probably known this for a while but it just became really obvious to me today.  In getting ready to come to work....I just felt like I wanted to look my best.  Although I haven't been in the best spirit lately something in me rose up and said..."Put Yourself Together and Feel Better" and so I'm passing that on to you true caring fashion. 

So get up, pick your spirit up and allow your beauty in all its capacities to be a gift to you and the world around you.  Move out in confidence and motivate someone else today because we don't know who may just need your positive, radiant energy today!  Live with passion!

Much Love!

Until our paths collide again, I wish you...

Peace, Love, Life, and Harmony

NaTisha Renee,
your Emotional Life Coach

Writing From a Healed Space!

Something Introspective from the pages of my journal....

Every piece, poem...philosophy I write is a battle scar wanting to show itself; wanting to declare victory and this I cheer on because it has healing power.  ...for scars symbolizes resolve and reconciliation, where wounds only spill and spread toxins.  I no longer write when I'm wounded.

Remember to go within and discover your own personal truth.  Until our paths collide again, I wish you...

Peace, Love, Life, and Harmony

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

A Light From Within

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.
~Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross

Remember to go within and discover your own personal truth. Until our paths collide again, I wish you...

Peace, Love, Life, and Harmony

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

Walking Away Also Takes Courage!

There's always so much excitement around stepping up, stepping out, taking the leap, showing up and showing out- but I'm realizing that walking away also takes enormous courage.  Knowing when to say enough, knowing when you've reached the end of a road; an era; or a particular journey is also key to our progression.  Finding one's self beyond any and all goals is an incredible gift; knowing that you are more than your accomplishments, your failures, your haves and have nots gives you such clarity at times.  There are times when we keep holding on to something because we don't want to be seen as a failure or because we don't want to hear the dreaded words, "I told you so!" but letting go and walking away is part of growing, learning, and even teaching.  There is something that I've been battling with because it used to be the very thing that defined who I thought I was but now that I no longer need it to define me....I feel empowered to walk away c…

Where Do We Go From Damaged??

In the April issue of "O" Magazine, Oprah unveils some of her most personal journal entries.  In these entries we get to see the despair she once felt and appeared to be obsessed with.  In one of her sidebar commentaries, she refers to those moments as her 3D years...Delusional, In Denial, and Damaged! 

For me, it was quite profound to see how she had intentionally turned her life around; and we're not really talking money here.  We're talking about making a commitment to healing.  It made me ask the question (because the word damaged usually expresses a permanent condition) "Where do we go from damaged?"  Here's what came to me: "We can allow ourselves to be swept up and thrown out or we can begin to put ourselves back together!"

And this for me is essentially what "Road2Wholeness" is.  It's the process of refusing to be thrown away, refusing to remain broken, refusing to leave this earth with the gift you came to deliver....I…

New Radio Series....Words Matter!!

How wrong have we been....singing: "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me".  It was a great way of trying to ward off the negativity but what if it's not just the haters speaking words of doom over you.  What do you do if when you go home everything the so called bullies said are confirmed by family and loved ones?  Well this is the reality that many of us had to deal with and all of a sudden it wasn't so easy to chant...."stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".

I've come to realize that many adults are carrying around very hurtful, demeaning, and dangerous ideas and beliefs about themselves as a result of words that were spoken over them at a very young age.  They appear to be over it with all the busy work and complex lives that they live but time and time again we see the dysfunction begin to surface or worse we see the mentalities passed on to their children and the negativity acted out in red.  …

Mobile Blog- "Passion"

Let your passion become your conviction and let your conviction become... "Life, with No Regret"!  -OPERATION: Retire the Word Ugly!

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

Mobile Blog- "Channels"

We're all channels but not all of us have made ourselves available. Therefore, it is our duty to speak the names of those who do! -OPERATION: Retire the Word Ugly!

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

Mobile Blog- "Sunlight"

Sunlight is one of my biggest sources of JOY because it reminds me that God is Real. It says No Earthly Power can alter My Purpose.

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach

Mobile Blog- "Breakthrough"

A Breakthrough is When the Soul...Plows Through Mental Obstructions!
-OPERATION: Retire the Word Ugly!

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach