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The Power of Mastery is All Yours!

It seems that our feelings are getting the best of us.  How did we get so far gone?  Why are we taking the lead from our feelings?  Every feeling should be respected but not all feelings need be acted upon.  When will we get this.  We're living our lives in a constant state of reaction; reacting to what people say, do, and feel.  What about how I want to feel? And even better, we should ask ourselves how will I choose to feel.  How much more content we will be when we decide how we are going to feel and refused to let anyone divert our attention, focus, and energy. 

Do you know the power you hold in your mind?  It's time that we use the power we've been given and take back control of our feeling nature.  This is important because as soon as we clear the way we can begin to get the intuitive signals that come to guide and protect us.  These signals that also come thru the feeling nature can not get to us when we are consumed with everything and absolutely nothing.

Think ab…