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Live Out Loud!

So many of us reside in our minds.  We are bombarded by the constant traffic of thoughts in our mind.  For most of us, every hour is rush hour.  This seems to be the inherit nature of the human.  Therefore we have got to make a conscious effort to slow the mind and sometimes we have even got to get off the highway of our minds.  The ability to do this without falling asleep for many is quite the challenge. However it is very imperative to our evolution and the process of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.  Can I say, "Yes, it's all connected!" I assure you that an overactive mind will tire the body just as a tired body will put you in a negative emotional space.  We are multi-dimensional beings who have been primarily taught to function only in one dimension.  It is the curse of the human race almost.

So, what am I suggesting??  I am suggesting that you begin to "LIVE OUT LOUD" or in other words.....get out of your head.  Let go of your const…