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Evict Your Fears!!!

The time has come to make a decision.  Are you going to honor your fears or will you honor your purpose?  Before any of us can move forward into God's best for our lives, we've got to ask this question.  And we answer this question not in words but in what we do.  If we can push through the discomfort that our fears present then we can have the comforts on the other side. However, this choice must be made in all areas of our lives and on many levels.  Some of these levels may not seem at all to do with choosing to honor our purpose yet I assure you they are all connected.

Therefore, I encourage you to acknowledge purpose in every role that you play; in every hat that you wear; in every step you take; in every breath that you breathe. 

Understand that nothing is separate and nothing is irrelevant!  When we talk about evicting fear, we're talking about out the front door....not out of the living room or confining it to just the back porch.  We are talking about off God'…

Vote for Lyf Lessons

I'm auditioning for the opportunity to host my own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network and I need your vote!  Please click on the link below to see my audition tape and vote for me.  Also, I'm asking that you will  SPREAD THE WORD!!

Thank You in Advance for Your Support,

NaTisha Renee