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If It Doesn't Serve You, Release It!

Think for a second what it might look like to see someone trying to pick up something with both hands full.  Pointless!  It might even look rather funny if they were intent on making it work.  From the sidelines after a while you would probably feel compelled to say something like......"you've got to put something down" or "can't you see...your hands are full!"  Well, that's really what we're talking about when we discuss shame and guilt. Not only does it hold valuable space that we need to attract and receive victory into our lives but it prevents us from taking hold of life's many gifts.  Shame and guilt represents a lack of compassion, unforgiveness, and unawareness of truth (and I will tell you exactly what I mean by this later on my radio show).

It's time to empower yourself!  Instead of harboring guilt and shame; take responsibility and then make a decision towards how you will correct or improve the situation.  If it's something t…

Be Renewed!

When the mind opens the door to transformation and truly begins to experience renewal, the body has no choice but to follow suit. Many of us have long lost our physical virginity; most by choice....others not. Regardless of your story you should know that spiritual virginity awaits you. It's where you learn that you are so much more than what you see in the mirror. It's where you go back home to the concept of your design. Think of an architect, who sits down and designs or draws up a plan then passes it on to the foreman who is going to oversee the building or construction of this plan. Then you have the contractors who take direction from the foreman and eventually have to put to use their own acquired knowledge and personal experiences to complete the job.

So here we are... "The Product".  Our culture and society are the Contractors; the Foreman is our parents, and way in the background somewhere is the Architect which I like to refer to as God. The point is we h…