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Distance Yourself From Dysfunction

The hardest thing you will probably have to do on your journey towards emotional wellness and/or self-love is create distance.  Before you can distance yourself from old ideas, thoughts, beliefs, addictions, etc. you will need to create some space from the people that keep those things alive in you.  The reason a person who has kicked the habit of alcoholism after many years still refers to their self as an "alcoholic" is because they recognize that if they are put in the wrong kind of environment, it is very likely that they will succumb to the temptation to take a drink. 

  As you move forward on this journey, you will need to determine what kind of environment is most suiting for your progression.  It will also be important for you to decide before hand that you will not be made to feel guilty for choosing to honor your right to be in a nurturing environment.  I say this to you because there will be many (especially family) who will call you names or tell you that you …