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Make a Radical Change

I believe our self-image wholes an enormous power over us.  No matter what anyone else sees, what we see is our reality.  This is true whether this image is pertaining to our body, a body part, or an overall idea or belief about self.  It's important to know what we are really thinking about our self.  "Are we over obsessing about facial hair, are we embarrassed that we wear glasses, are we upset that our fingers are short and fat?"  In order to truly fall in love with self, we have to isolate these ideas and images we hold about self.  What stories have we attached to them?  Are we telling ourselves that "wearing glasses makes us unattractive" or that "the scar on my face makes me undesirable"?  Once we've acknowledged what our true image of self is and all the negative thoughts, beliefs, and sometimes rituals that go along with them, then we can begin to tear them down one by one.  It's time to GO NAKED!  Now keep in mind this is a very radi…

A Keener Awareness

The season has come for us to have new ears; new eyes.....time to go to new depths.  We are complex beings; multi-dimensional to be exact.  Yet so many of us are living in one dimension......but what if we knew how much more we had to do; to be; to see!!  As we begin to love ourselves more we will come into a keener awareness of our inner surroundings.  It's time to start paying attention to our inner dialogue and time we start asking the tough questions lest we not grow. 

  Most of us love ourselves in a logical sense of the word but what if we loved and honored our self the way we love and honor some of the people in our lives.  I'd bet a lot of them would slowly drift away.  Do you believe that there are people in your life that only exist because of your neglect for self.  This is an alarming thought for you I'm sure and if you're doubtful of this just take a closer look.  I don't say this to disturb your relationships but I say this to bring you into a state …

Name The Next Chapter of Your Life

The name you give to this time in your life will help to focus the intention that you have already decided on. Setting an intention puts you in an empowered position and it gives you a precise focus. This is the first step in The New You Challenge.

All The Best!!