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Say Yes To Your Best Self...

Things are shifting.  I can feel my love for self deepening...For the first time in my life I am filling out my skin.  I still haven't reached my highest potential but I am well on my way.  Each day I wake and I'm thinking about how I can grow, get stronger, serve my purpose, honor myself, share what I've learned....Be Better.  I know now that being better is an action's more than wishing, dreaming, hoping, praying, and planning.  Being better is about legacy.  What are you going to leave behind?  And ultimately, we answer that question each day in the way we live and love.  I'm doing the work and I want to encourage you to do the work too.  I want to encourage you to just be honest with yourself because you know exactly what your work is.  You know where you need to implement discipline, where you need to increase integrity, be compassionate, etc. etc.  Now is the season for extreme honesty and commitment.  Now is the time for you to increase the value…
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 Peace, Love, Life, and Harmony

Let Go Of Unhappiness and Live Longer!

I truly believe that our emotional/mental/spiritual life hold as much weight as our physical life.  This is why I say let go of unhappiness. Let go because your unhappiness probably won't change a thing; in fact it might be keeping you right where you don't want to be.  How is that possible?  Because you're becoming the thing you dislike; you're allowing yourself to be consumed with the same energy that is at the center of whatever is causing your unhappiness.  Make a decision to LET GO OR BE DRAGGED!!  Ever since I heard those words they haven't left or faded from me.  I think it's a powerful mental picture.....seeing myself holding on to something that I don't want and not having the right mind to let go.  I think the question you have to keep asking yourself is....who's keeping you in the room absorbing the negativity of a conversation you don't approve of, who's keeping you on the phone arguing with a family member, who's keeping you at …

New Series "Eat, Pray, Love, Better"

Since we began this series, I've done the shows:

Who you are vs. Who you choose to be

Prayer, Meditation, or Affirmation?

Unhappiness is Negativity

I can't believe so much time has passed since my last blog.  Well no excuses.  But here's what I'm thinking of this new series.  My intention with this series is to help us get pass the stuff that is keeping us from Eating, Praying, and/or Loving Better.  I will be talking about being overweight and how we can Love ourselves through our journey to transformation, I will touch on the truth about being overweight and what it means.  I also want to breakdown this thing we call Love and bring new perspective to it.  And when it comes to prayer, I simply say....keep it simple and if there's any anxiety......just focus on gratitude.  But who am I fooling...we are going much deeper.  I'm digging and rummaging through my soul; I want to learn as I share and learning is not consuming information but applying and finding unde…

The Power of Mastery is All Yours!

It seems that our feelings are getting the best of us.  How did we get so far gone?  Why are we taking the lead from our feelings?  Every feeling should be respected but not all feelings need be acted upon.  When will we get this.  We're living our lives in a constant state of reaction; reacting to what people say, do, and feel.  What about how I want to feel? And even better, we should ask ourselves how will I choose to feel.  How much more content we will be when we decide how we are going to feel and refused to let anyone divert our attention, focus, and energy. 

Do you know the power you hold in your mind?  It's time that we use the power we've been given and take back control of our feeling nature.  This is important because as soon as we clear the way we can begin to get the intuitive signals that come to guide and protect us.  These signals that also come thru the feeling nature can not get to us when we are consumed with everything and absolutely nothing.

Think ab…

Become the Dream You Hold in Mind!

It's not enough to have a dream.  We've got to become the dream.  Merge with the dream.....reflect the dream.  Why are we waiting?  There's nothing in time; it's all here and now.  How can we be waiting on it when it is waiting on us to "Be It"?

I challenge you to take a new position if the old one hasn't been working.  If you've played the role of dreamer you know that there's no finish line.  Or maybe you can attest to the many walls that you keep hitting.  This is the life of a dreamer.  But you don't have to live that life; you can be the change you've been trying to bring about in the world all this time.  All you must do is get a new perspective.....

And maybe the focus this time is not which is the right perspective but rather which perspective is actually working.  In reality you wouldn't walk into a wall if you knew it was there so why in our approach to life do we keep choosing the route with the big old wall waiting for us?

Live Out Loud!

So many of us reside in our minds.  We are bombarded by the constant traffic of thoughts in our mind.  For most of us, every hour is rush hour.  This seems to be the inherit nature of the human.  Therefore we have got to make a conscious effort to slow the mind and sometimes we have even got to get off the highway of our minds.  The ability to do this without falling asleep for many is quite the challenge. However it is very imperative to our evolution and the process of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.  Can I say, "Yes, it's all connected!" I assure you that an overactive mind will tire the body just as a tired body will put you in a negative emotional space.  We are multi-dimensional beings who have been primarily taught to function only in one dimension.  It is the curse of the human race almost.

So, what am I suggesting??  I am suggesting that you begin to "LIVE OUT LOUD" or in other words.....get out of your head.  Let go of your const…

Evict Your Fears!!!

The time has come to make a decision.  Are you going to honor your fears or will you honor your purpose?  Before any of us can move forward into God's best for our lives, we've got to ask this question.  And we answer this question not in words but in what we do.  If we can push through the discomfort that our fears present then we can have the comforts on the other side. However, this choice must be made in all areas of our lives and on many levels.  Some of these levels may not seem at all to do with choosing to honor our purpose yet I assure you they are all connected.

Therefore, I encourage you to acknowledge purpose in every role that you play; in every hat that you wear; in every step you take; in every breath that you breathe. 

Understand that nothing is separate and nothing is irrelevant!  When we talk about evicting fear, we're talking about out the front door....not out of the living room or confining it to just the back porch.  We are talking about off God'…

Vote for Lyf Lessons

I'm auditioning for the opportunity to host my own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network and I need your vote!  Please click on the link below to see my audition tape and vote for me.  Also, I'm asking that you will  SPREAD THE WORD!!

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If It Doesn't Serve You, Release It!

Think for a second what it might look like to see someone trying to pick up something with both hands full.  Pointless!  It might even look rather funny if they were intent on making it work.  From the sidelines after a while you would probably feel compelled to say something like......"you've got to put something down" or "can't you see...your hands are full!"  Well, that's really what we're talking about when we discuss shame and guilt. Not only does it hold valuable space that we need to attract and receive victory into our lives but it prevents us from taking hold of life's many gifts.  Shame and guilt represents a lack of compassion, unforgiveness, and unawareness of truth (and I will tell you exactly what I mean by this later on my radio show).

It's time to empower yourself!  Instead of harboring guilt and shame; take responsibility and then make a decision towards how you will correct or improve the situation.  If it's something t…

Be Renewed!

When the mind opens the door to transformation and truly begins to experience renewal, the body has no choice but to follow suit. Many of us have long lost our physical virginity; most by choice....others not. Regardless of your story you should know that spiritual virginity awaits you. It's where you learn that you are so much more than what you see in the mirror. It's where you go back home to the concept of your design. Think of an architect, who sits down and designs or draws up a plan then passes it on to the foreman who is going to oversee the building or construction of this plan. Then you have the contractors who take direction from the foreman and eventually have to put to use their own acquired knowledge and personal experiences to complete the job.

So here we are... "The Product".  Our culture and society are the Contractors; the Foreman is our parents, and way in the background somewhere is the Architect which I like to refer to as God. The point is we h…

Distance Yourself From Dysfunction

The hardest thing you will probably have to do on your journey towards emotional wellness and/or self-love is create distance.  Before you can distance yourself from old ideas, thoughts, beliefs, addictions, etc. you will need to create some space from the people that keep those things alive in you.  The reason a person who has kicked the habit of alcoholism after many years still refers to their self as an "alcoholic" is because they recognize that if they are put in the wrong kind of environment, it is very likely that they will succumb to the temptation to take a drink. 

  As you move forward on this journey, you will need to determine what kind of environment is most suiting for your progression.  It will also be important for you to decide before hand that you will not be made to feel guilty for choosing to honor your right to be in a nurturing environment.  I say this to you because there will be many (especially family) who will call you names or tell you that you …

Make a Radical Change

I believe our self-image wholes an enormous power over us.  No matter what anyone else sees, what we see is our reality.  This is true whether this image is pertaining to our body, a body part, or an overall idea or belief about self.  It's important to know what we are really thinking about our self.  "Are we over obsessing about facial hair, are we embarrassed that we wear glasses, are we upset that our fingers are short and fat?"  In order to truly fall in love with self, we have to isolate these ideas and images we hold about self.  What stories have we attached to them?  Are we telling ourselves that "wearing glasses makes us unattractive" or that "the scar on my face makes me undesirable"?  Once we've acknowledged what our true image of self is and all the negative thoughts, beliefs, and sometimes rituals that go along with them, then we can begin to tear them down one by one.  It's time to GO NAKED!  Now keep in mind this is a very radi…

A Keener Awareness

The season has come for us to have new ears; new eyes.....time to go to new depths.  We are complex beings; multi-dimensional to be exact.  Yet so many of us are living in one dimension......but what if we knew how much more we had to do; to be; to see!!  As we begin to love ourselves more we will come into a keener awareness of our inner surroundings.  It's time to start paying attention to our inner dialogue and time we start asking the tough questions lest we not grow. 

  Most of us love ourselves in a logical sense of the word but what if we loved and honored our self the way we love and honor some of the people in our lives.  I'd bet a lot of them would slowly drift away.  Do you believe that there are people in your life that only exist because of your neglect for self.  This is an alarming thought for you I'm sure and if you're doubtful of this just take a closer look.  I don't say this to disturb your relationships but I say this to bring you into a state …

Name The Next Chapter of Your Life

The name you give to this time in your life will help to focus the intention that you have already decided on. Setting an intention puts you in an empowered position and it gives you a precise focus. This is the first step in The New You Challenge.

All The Best!!