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Overcome Self-Destruction!

It's very important to understand that the cycles of dysfunction and self-destruction are often born out of faulty foundations. Most people would say it's because of deep hurt why certain things take place...things like addictions. However, I would offer that it's the way we feel about the hurt and more often, it's what we think the person(s) who hurt us owes us that keeps us bounded. In the process of holding onto anger and awaiting an apology; we hurt ourselves.  We act out and as a result, we invite more pain into our lives.  In addition to that, I would pose the question, "What core idea or principle is holding your personal universe together?" or "What is the governing idea that you anchor your existence on?"

There were two main principles that I needed to become aware of in order to overcome my cycles of dysfunction and self-destruction. First I needed to know that I am not my body.  For a long time I carried an "all-used up" idea of…

Mend Your Broken Heart

We all want to have a whole and complete heart. The only issue is, we see our wholeness as supplemented by something on the outside. I've recently learned that "To Be" is "To Have"! What do I mean by that?? Well, if only we could put our focus on being a whole and complete heart; a heart that is free from bondage to resentment, unforgiveness, malice, lack, insecurities, etc. I have a few questions that may serve to make my point.

Are you the seed, the root, or the fruit? Perhaps I can help you to see things more clearly. Let's say the fruit is the expression and the root is the link; that would probably mean the seed is the source. Now, I want to ask you, "are you the source of your happiness or have you given your power away?" More importantly, I ask...does the seed need the fruit as proof that it is a seed? So the real question is, "are you a whole and complete seed before and always or only after you've made the expression of the frui…