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Lyf Merchandise Is Here!!

The Love Yourself First Movement has officially launched it's own Merchandise! Right in time for the HOLIDAYS...Give the Gift of Inspiration with any of our 13 Items!

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Accept Life's Gifts

Needless to say Life has many gifts to offer. We've already experienced most of them at some point, however the opportunity to experience them on a regular basis is awaiting us. No longer do we have to wait around wondering when success, happiness, loving relationships, adventure, peace/harmony, unconditional love, joy, purpose, wholeness, and health will pay us a visit. The more we learn to love ourselves the more we send a clear message to life that we are ready to fully experience its gifts. Not only do we invite these gifts into our lives but we are able to experience them without the kind of destruction that comes out of unhealed emotions and a broken self love. Think of all the negative experiences that has come out of the idea of lack and separation from our true identity....

We have materiality overshadowing success; depression stealing happiness; possessive relationships disguising themselves as loving relationships; unrestraint taunting adventure; minds and hearts f…