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Change Your Awareness of Self!!

"The first step to healing is to change your awareness of Self." -NaTisha Renee

When I was at my lowest point and in my darkest moment, I've realized I was seeing myself as a victim. I saw myself as a victim of emotionally absent parents, my environment, guys I dated, an unconquerable system.....and the list goes on. Standing in the light, I can now see the difference in my thinking, in my perception of circumstances, and ultimately in my awareness of self! There are three vital steps in order to heal oneself from victimhood and I will be sharing those on the radio show. But let's talk about self awareness and identity for a moment.

In order to change our awareness of self we really need to:

1.) Get past the channels who were used to bring us here and reconnect with the source and His idea of us. It's time to take the power out of the hands of biology and put it back into the hands of spirit. Understand that you are not a victim of anything that you ha…

Selfless or Neglecting Self?

Is there always music in your ears; people around; places to go? Things to do? Folks to save? If this sounds like your life....Keep reading! Find out what strong messages you may be sending to yourself!

"Busyness is the language of unconsciousness." It's also many people's way to avoid self! It's in large much easier to help others with their problems than it is to focus on our own issues and work through them. Part of what makes this true is that we see things more clearly when we're not so up close and personal. Dealing with our personal development on the other hand is not so black and white; it requires a lot of long stares and quite a bit of stillness. Yet we know that if we go unplugged for too long we lose power and eventually can be no use to anyone! Trying to drown out the voice within telling us to look within is not going to make it go away. It's like when a child covers their face, hoping that if they can't see you; you can't see them.