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We've All Been Tested...What's Your Testimony??

We've all had to grow into ourselves, learn to trust ourselves, and care more for ourselves.  When we withhold our stories, we are withholding God's glory.  Share Your Testimony and HELP LIFT UP ANOTHER!  Until next time...Peace, Love, Life, and Harmony!
NaTisha R. Williams

Beware and Be Aware of Negative Self-Talk!!

What are you really saying about yourself? Who are you in your eyes?

In learning to love ourselves more, one very important factor is to be conscious of thoughts going through our minds (the chatter as it pertains to oneself) and the feelings that are attached to those very thoughts. Most of what we think about ourselves have been with us for quite some time. Needless to say that we will need to do some uprooting. This process of uprooting however begins with awareness. Time to get diligent about policing our thoughts. This is the only way! When we truly believe and accept our beauty, no more will we say things like...."I don't look good in blue" or "I look pretty today". These are the types of things that at first glance don't seem to be a big deal but this is the cleverness of the subconscious. We must get to a place where we can catch the contradictions. Therefore, you might say...."pink seems to compliment my skin well" (highlighting the posit…

My New Man/Woman....Ego Repair? or A Band-Aid?

When we make a decision to rebound as quickly as possible into a new relationship, we forfeit our well-being. One of the reasons we have so many damaged people walking amongst us is because of this very habit. We see it all the time with Hollywood couples, but they are really only a mirror of our society overall.

It appears that this way of being has gone unchecked for way too long. So maybe the question we should ask ourselves at the start of a new relationship is "My New Man...Ego Repair? or A Band-Aid?? If the answer is any of the two....Beware!

Honestly, I feel like the idea that we should never feel any pain or discomfort is unrealistic. I say this because as we know, "anything that is not growing is dead.....and in order to grow, we will experience some kind of pain or discomfort".  Yet for some crazy reason we're all running about trying to cover up our hurts and pain while only creating an invitation for hurt and pain to reside and multiply. If only we under…