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Wholeness is a Daily Game

The thing about wholeness is you have to tap in daily. Some days it appears there's an elevator and other days we take the stairs. And then there are days that remembering the truth of our wholeness simply eludes us. On such days we dig deep with fever trying to find our inner peace yet by night we are exhausted and still torn between two Gods .. Doubt and Faith. Worse yet, is two or more of these type days in a row.... and all virtual hell can break loose.
But be encouraged!

Your wholeness is in search of you too and longs for your recognition.  It weeps when you lose your way or fall back into slumber. You see, wholeness without you is truth without a vessel, without a breath, without a purpose, without a light.  So open your eyes. Rebuke the veil of confusion and indecision. Decide on Faith. Be Whole. Be Light. Be Peace. And most importantly, Be One with the only One!

God Bless You

your Emotional Life Coach