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Become the Dream You Hold in Mind!

It's not enough to have a dream.  We've got to become the dream.  Merge with the dream.....reflect the dream.  Why are we waiting?  There's nothing in time; it's all here and now.  How can we be waiting on it when it is waiting on us to "Be It"?

I challenge you to take a new position if the old one hasn't been working.  If you've played the role of dreamer you know that there's no finish line.  Or maybe you can attest to the many walls that you keep hitting.  This is the life of a dreamer.  But you don't have to live that life; you can be the change you've been trying to bring about in the world all this time.  All you must do is get a new perspective.....

And maybe the focus this time is not which is the right perspective but rather which perspective is actually working.  In reality you wouldn't walk into a wall if you knew it was there so why in our approach to life do we keep choosing the route with the big old wall waiting for us?