The VCR Diaries 2 "No Estrogen" Act 3, Part 2

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A Poetic Documental by Grace Call Communications 
based on The Decks and the Road Novel Series

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Here's a glimpse of the 18-Piece Documental taken from Act 3.
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Act 3- Rick Simpleton, Pt. 2
The crowd has settled down.  The climax went before me.  I'm a bit of a resolution.  I didn't want to read Reece's documental.  I wanted to have clear and personal thoughts.  I saw a few people file out.  It's no big deal.  I'm an Act who has had a lot of time to develop.

The Drawing

Yesterday is a drawing,
Today is a sketch,
Tomorrow is a blur.

Sometimes tomorrow is a sketch,
And today is the blur,
But Yesterday remains a drawing.

You study the picture,
You withdraw your winnings,
But you leave the drawing untouched.

You study the picture,
You withdraw your winnings,
And you try to make a new sketch.

If you don't sketch,
You doodle,
And if you don't doodle,

You act.

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