The VCR Diaries 2 "No Estrogen" Act 1, Part 1

Welcome The VCR Diaries 2: "No Estrogen"
A Poetic Documental by Grace Call Communications based on The Decks and the Road Novel Series to Road2Wholeness and The Road 2Wholeness Blog.

The event consists of 2 poems twice a week until we've completed the program and can be followed at 

First up is Vance Shepherd from the book Erased.  Next it's Chad-Ezra from book 3 of The Decks and the Road Novel Series, Renegotiating Kaylin.  And Lastly, we end with Rick Simpleton from the first book Freeborn.

Meet The 3 Characters Featured in this Poetic Documental...

The Event Program....

If you're new to The VCR Diaries, we should make you aware that the Men will be offering their documentals to the very same titles as the women first did in The VCR Diaries.  For your complete enjoyment, start with The VCR Diaries at our Sister Blog.  

This event was originally set to begin at The Beauty Inside-Out Beautician Blog and you can find more about the characters there along with Part 1 of The VCR Diaries.

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The Intro...

The spotlight doesn't drop from above them, and there's no stage.  Well, there will be.. but it's a different kind of stage.  The audience is divided by a basketball court.  The bleachers full, and bodies lined around waiting to get a glimpse of it all.  The spotlight comes from across the way and hits his face.  He's in the risers, and holding his sheets of paper.  He doesn't move right away, but shuffles one sheet behind the other until he reaches back to the first.  If you look really good you can see that he's got one bead of sweat above his upper lip, and sweat spots on his shirt under his arms.  He's not the only one.  They all do and they're all hiding among the crowd.  He makes his way to the center of the floor where there's a circle with the letter "V" printed on it.  A sprinkle of applause comes from the place where he was sitting, and it's clear.... It's his family.  There's a woman with dark brown and burgundy hair whispering to a red head.  He's mic'd up, and the moment he utters his first syllable everything goes to black; then not so black; then the spotlight returns.  It's Cyan.

His Diary...

"I didn't know they expected me to bring the hold thing.  I mean, I get it... Diaries but if feels like more of a lady's thing.  Hey, it's the first one and there's still plenty of pages left if I ever decide to go this deep again."  

A Bare Foot

A bare foot tippy toe's across the floor,
It's looking for a home,
Not desparately, 
But purposely.

She's young,
I'm young,
Not innocently,
But happily.

I'm in love with her hair,
It talks,
A loving talk,
One she's not too young to speak.

A bare foot.
It's slower than one with shoes on,
And it's thoughtful,
But it has to work at being grounded.

That's if it plans on staying clean.
If it doesn't,
The ground is a good canvas.

When I left home there were shoes,
But when she smiled I let them go.

Traded them from sandals and a stroll on the beach...

Kept going back and forth...
Shoes then sandals,
Shoes then sandals.

At home I wore shoes of course.

Then I came to her for good,
I mean it,
For good.

And she asked me to remove my sandals.

The Night Before

The night before I left home I was grown,
Twenty years later...
Now I'm grown.

The night before she was born,
I saw my wings for the first time.

The night before he came to visit,
I landed on a tree branch,
Twenty minutes later...
I cut the branch off the tree.

For there shall be,
No evidence that,
I ever landed.

All Poems Written by NaTisha Renee Williams 

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