Support for The Road2Wholeness Blog!

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Support Exercising Power 2 and The Road2Wholeness Blog!  It's been over 18 months and The Road2Wholeness Blog is still fighting a targeted agenda to discredit our blog and our related sites and groups.  Right now in the middle of our Summer Health and Fitness Challenge we've made the tough yet easy decision to refrain from using Facebook as a result of unfair and unfounded reason for unfair treatment.  I have refused to go through a series of security steps to update my page status regarding this graphic square and the words "Ramp it Up this Week with a Mixture of Pulse Motions and Stationery Holds".  It is no secret that we are doing a health and fitness challenge and the history of my personal facebook account as well as my Drop the Load group page has no record of any discord, vulgarity, or otherwise.  I have refused these steps because of a building agenda to find ways to impede our blog, our social media pages, etc.  Therefore I'm going to refrain use of the social media space for a duration of 14 days in the middle of our planned and ongoing challenge as a way to say "look what's happening" as well as to indicate that "we will not be taunted, targeted, or stopped" and that we have true supporters and other venues that we can utilize where our record is also upstanding.

Please join us for 14 days in support of this matter beginning this evening as we go "Faceless".

In the meantime... check out our squares from last year's challenge and highlights from our ongoing challenge at