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Welcome to ReFlective Meditations "The Transcripts"

ReFlective Meditations with The ReWIRE
Show Theme: Pray

The Set-Up:

Breathe- on the inhale we repeat, "I Am" and on the exhale, we repeat "God Is".  Take 4 deep breaths using this breathing and sustaining pattern.  Feel the weight lifting, and the release of God's perfect love.

Now Go- Today we take the short journey to God in prayer.  We go to the top of a hill and we lay on our backs in a bed of glory, and we begin to remember our God.

Feel His protection now as He covers you with His peace and His plans for your life.  Know that such an awesome God has no other plans but to prosper you and clothe you with His peace.  Therefore, when you pray first remember with thanks, then agree.
Lastly, decide!  Decide now who you will be.  Choose Light.  Choose Love.  Choose God!

The Exit:

Breathe- This time on the inhale, declare that "God Is" and on the exhale, declare, therefore "I Am".  Repeat this four times and be filled with power and authority.

To …

"Father!" A Series on Prayer, blog 2

Originally published at on 7/14/17

Welcome back!  Thank you for visiting The Road2Wholeness Blog, and for taking the read today.  We’re in “Father!” A Series on Prayer.  In the first blog the question was, “What do you do when… God ultimately says, ‘you’re not there yet’”?  Now, let’s journey a bit more along this road of “What do you do when…”
Today, the question is, “What do you do when the road is pitch black?”
The idea alone for me is quite scary.  I’m thinking of being on a road that has to be journeyed; there’s no quick exit, there are no crowds of people going in a certain direction, and if there are signs… well, it’s pitch black.  So, now what?
Now we pray.  When God has led you on a path that your current knowledge cannot light, you might ask for wisdom or you might ask for God himself to be your eyes.  One of the biggest advantages humankind has been given, is often left sitting, waiting.  Going to new dimensions in God and particularly through prayer, is …

"Father!" A Series on Prayer, blog 1

Originally published at on 6/29/17

Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read today, and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  I also welcome you to this exciting new series: “Father!”  In this series, we will seek to stretch out our thinking and understanding as it pertains to prayer.  This time, before we come to our knees, let there be Light!
Along the path of this series, we will approach the reasons for, the need of, and the keys to prayer.  First, I’ll like to begin with a quick look at a few scriptural revelations about prayer.  Let’s begin with the story of the “Deceiving Spirit”, which God used to bring down a king.  In 2 Chronicles 18, you can read the story, but here I want to focus specifically on verses 11-24.
After the prophet Micaiah informed King Ahab that all the other prophets who were declaring victory for him in battle, had been deceived, one of the other prophets slapped him in the face.  He asked, “Which way did the deceiving spirit g…