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A Text From Lisa: The ReWIRED Life, Pt. 5

Originally published at on 10/29/16
Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read, and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.   This is the 5th and final blog in The ReWIRED Life Blog Series.  Whoop, Whoop!!  I did it!!  Believe it or not, I did not decide on a series because it’s cool, or because of its popularity.  What I wanted to tell, show, and give you, could be done no other way.  It is customary that when I blog, I sit down and write an impromptu message from the heart.  This has been my way since I began blogging in 2009.  I don’t know if it necessarily worked in this case, but I trusted the intention of my heart and the Spirit of God.  It was never meant to be a bullet point.  After all, this is my life.  I blog about my life and my findings, yet, I have a way of teaching.  It’s my nature. So, you’ve probably realized by now that this story of how my life was ReWIRED, is really a story of how God called me back into relationship with Him, and ReWIRED …

The Safe Haven: The ReWIRED Life, Pt. 4

Originally published at on 10/16/16

Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read today and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog. So, I've been in this blog series "The ReWIRED Life" for some weeks now.  This blog is the fourth blog in the series.  In the most true to life fashion, I knew clearly where the road began and I knew exactly where I was going, but I didn't know what would unfold in between.  That being said, I'm happy with the unfolding of the story and this series.  Never mind my kicking and screaming!  Oh yes, I kick and I scream but God knows His plans are not to harm me and so He listens, but He is not swayed.  LOL! I'll put you at ease and say, there will only be one more blog to come in is this series.  With that, let's do a quick overview of what's been covered.  In the initial blog I wrote about the moment of inception when I was strongly nudged to catch a new vision for my life and how I made a swift depart…

Children of The Word: The ReWIRED Life, Pt. 3

Originally published at on 9/30/16

Welcome back!  Thank you for taking the read today and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog. Today I continue with a powerful revelation about The Word of God and “Children of the Word” (children who hear and absorb the Word of God).  This was not exactly part of my initial direction for the series but as always, I open myself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Picking up where I left off on the last blog, speaking about The Spirit of God on the inside of us, I will be revisiting and using the scripture that reads, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” . I should begin by saying that, I acknowledge that there are people engaged in casual and careless sexual activities that are not strongly convicted by the Holy Spirit of any wrong doing.  For me however, another reason I felt a strong grief about the matter was because I had the Living Word of God on the inside of me.    As a chil…

Inside-Out: The ReWIRED Life, Pt. 2

Originally published at on 9/14/16

Welcome Back!  Thanks for taking the read today and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog.  If you didn’t get to check out the first blog in this series, I encourage you to begin at the beginning. Today the subject is Inside-Out.  Ultimately, God calls us to live an Inside-Out life; pulling strength from His Holiness through His Spirit that lives within us.  However, the demands of the outside life and world sometimes overshadows and overruns our spiritual life or the inside life.  As I mentioned in the first blog, I will use my life and my road to wholeness as a backdrop for each blog in this series.  I want to pick up where I left off by saying once again that when I first arrived at my fork in the road where I chose to begin making radical changes in my life; I didn’t have much of the spiritual understanding that I do now.  I didn’t even relate to the word “spirit” and honestly, I wanted nothing to do with the word.  For t…

The ReWIRED Life Pt.1

Originally published at on 8/30/16

A Blog Series Welcome Back!  Thank you for taking the read and another stroll with The Road2Wholeness Blog. Today I begin a series of blogs that will define what it means to live a ReWIRED Life, reveal much of my personal journey to becoming a ReWIRE, and encourage you along your journey to create a 360 in your life!  The series will in part cover my road to celibacy, my former battle with depression, breaking free of dead weight, the effects of verbal abuse, encountering God, and overthrowing lies and darkness.  Real quickly, grab a bag and be prepared to collect some gems. Here goes: I was nineteen years old when I decided to see, approach, and use my life differently.  The phrase “my life” at the time encompassed:  my body, my gifts, my mind, and my day to day activities.  One thing I knew for sure was that I couldn’t go on abusing and misusing my body.  It wasn’t because somebody told me not to but because I felt the damage.  …

After the Download

Originally published at on 8/12/16
First things first: Welcome Back!  Thank you for taking the read today and ultimately the walk with The Road2Wholeness Blog.   You may be asking… “What download”??  The Download of Healing!  You see many times we seek healing or we believe we are healed yet we get the feeling that still something is missing; like perhaps we missed a step or we’re left with the feeling… “There’s got to be more”.  The truth is there is more! Essentially what most people miss is the awareness that it doesn’t end with healing but it begins with healing.   So the work is not done but just getting started.  I’m going to liken the word healing to the word download for the purpose of drawing you an illustration and helping you see my point clearly. Think about when you download a program on your computer.  Better yet, let’s back up!  Think of when you decide or choose to ‘run’ a program on your computer.  Usually before you download any program you are pro…

Out of Season!

Originally published at on 6/2/16

Today the subject is the changing of seasons in our lives.

Most of us will agree that life naturally find ways to connect us to what is next in our lives.  Well, in the same way it seems life will naturally disconnect us from people, places, things, etc. that have become out of season in our lives.  When the season in our life changes we can quickly get in the flow or we can choose to struggle with what has suddenly become concrete.  The idea of recognizing the end of one season and the beginning of another is easier to see and even accept in nature.  However, in our personal lives the changing of a season is often only acceptable to us when we feel that we have somehow willed it into being.  Without desire, awareness, and readiness; we are almost always resistant to the changing of seasons in our lives.  Yet life doesn't seem to ask our permission in the matter.  Ultimately, we are then left with the choice to get in the flow o…

SMILE: God Loves YOU!

Originally published at on 5/26/17

Welcome Back!  Thank you for taking the read! My message today is simple!  It’s… SMILE: God Loves YOU! Oh Yes! ... That’s reason to SMILE!  One of the most powerful realizations I’ve ever made was the realization of how much God Loves Me and that it’s a matter of principle not deeds.  It’s a matter of relationship; relationship between man and maker and it’s one formed in perfect love.  The bible says … “No fear exists where His love is. Rather, perfect love gets rid of fear, because fear involves punishment. The person who lives in fear doesn't have perfect love.” 1 John 4:18 (GOD'S WORD® Translation) and that’s the premise that I choose to know and understand God’s Love. Envision your life with the absence of guilt, shame, and fear.  See yourself moving about sheltered by God’s Love.  Yes, it’s cause to SMILE!  When you know God Loves YOU it drastically shifts your awareness of self.  Breathe in this truth and allow it to…

Unburdened: The Reason for Forgiveness

Originally published at on 5/16/16

Welcome!  Thanks for taking the read!

Today is subject is the Forgiveness!  What a big deal!  Forgiveness is literally an ongoing practice.  If you're thinking you're out of the forgiving business then you must be willing to freeze yourself in time.  It's a well-known and agreed upon fact that none of us are perfect, however some of us relinquish that thought and pick up the idea that we are pretty darn close.  Forgiveness is the grace we show to others and it is the offloading of emotional and mental loads that keep our energies tied up, used up, and depleted.  Honestly, without faith I don't know how I would be able to process forgiveness.  If I honestly thought that my life was in the hands of people and was being governed by people I would probably find it impossible to forgive, but no!  I know, trust, and believe that my life is in the hands of The Creator and my faith gives me the resolve to forgive. 

Yet for…

The Odor of Brokenness

Originally published at on 5/11/16

Welcome back to The Road2Wholeness Blog!  Thank you for taking the read!

Today I want to discuss the odor of brokenness.  You may ask, "The odor of brokenness??  What is that?"

Yes, I repeat... "The Odor of Brokenness"!  Sometimes although we recognize that we are fractured and clearly broken, we may still insist on trying to get in the game.  For example, let's consider athletes when they get injured.  Perhaps it's some super important point in their season or career and if it was left up to them, they would probably get suited up and jump in the game but no; instead the doctors gives strict orders that they are not to play.  Luckily for them there are professionals and procedures in place to keep them from prematurely re-entering the game and possibly further injuring themselves.  In life however, when we are emotionally injured there is no one there to prevent us from getting back in the game while we…