On Your Way to Your Next Mountain

No one goes from mountain to mountain in one sweeping leap or motion.  After reaching every mountain top in our lives and in setting out to reach another we find ourselves having to travel the valleys of life.  Yet its important to note that we are not aimlessly moving about in these lower fields but that we are purposely there and with great purpose to get to our next mountain.  So don't be eaten up by those waiting in lay to see you trip or fall.  Keep in mind that you are simply between mountains not residing in the valley but taking in all that you will need to know, need to obtain, need to understand and overstand to get you up that next mountain side.  Embrace the experiences of the valley; your stomping ground; a place where u find your stepping stones along the journey.  And most importantly, in times of the valley which often represents fear and doubt.... Keep the image of your next victory before you.  Play that image daily; matter of fact... play that image like you eat... three or more times a day!   Every time you feel your fears flaring, Hit Play! Every time you feel your energy fading, Hit Play! Every time you check your calendar and see how fast time is moving, Hit Play!  Every time the critics come out to play, Hit Play!  Hit Play as many times as needed, Hit play just for the fun of it!  Hit Play!  Let your vision of your future be front and center in your mind and pack that vision like you pack a back pack on a hiking trip.  Pack your vision with all the highs you've already acheived and magnify it with all you still wish to accomplish.  Let that vision be so real, so big, so jam packed with happy/ joyous emotion,  unwavering faith, and earth shattering belief that it personifies wings and begins to lift you up.  Whatever you do, wherever you go, no matter what happens, Keep That Vision Handy!!  Keep it in your back pocket; Hell... keep it in your shirt pocket....your minds eye...Whatever!.. .. Just, Keep it Big; Keep it Available; Keep it Growing; Keep it Breathing; Keep it...... Just Keep it!

Go Forth and Reach Your Next Mountain!

Peace, Love, Life, and Harmony,

your Emotional Life Coach

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